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5 Reasons to Wait for the 2022 iPad Pro & 6 Reasons Not To



Wait Because the 2022 iPad Pro Release Date is Close

Wait Because the 2022 iPad Pro Release Date is Close

The 2022 iPad Pro release date is close. If you can hold off on buying a new tablet, you probably should.

The iPadOS 16 release will come sometime October. This means we should see the new iPad Pros confirmed in October.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says "the big iPhone 14 unveiling last month was probably it for Apple in 2022 in terms of major presentations."

In other words, Apple probably won't use a media event to confirm the new devices. Instead, we may just see the company confirm the new models on its website. 

Gurman says Apple is currently aiming to get iPadOS 16.1 out during the week of October 24th which means we should see the new iPads confirmed soon.

We may not have concrete dates, but retailers are already prepping for the new iPad Pro's arrival. Logitech has updated its website noting that its Crayon Digital Pencil works with the unreleased 6th-gen iPad Pro.

For more about the 2022 iPad Pro release date, check out our guide.

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