5 Things to Do Before the Madden 19 Release Date

Are you planning to buy Madden 19 this year? If so there are a few things you should plan on doing before the Madden 19 release date lands in August.

Most Madden players are coming back year after year, but some players may be returning after a longer absence. No matter which camp you fit into there are a few things you should be doing before the Madden 19 release date this fall.

You can already pre-order Madden 19, but it’s still very early and plenty of reasons to wait for more information. Part of this early look will help you outline what is coming next and what you can do in Madden 18 while you wait for Madden 19 to arrive.

Here are the things I am doing ahead of the Madden 19 release date, and what you can do as well.

Play Madden 18

Play Madden 18 for story mode and Madden Rewards.
Play Madden 18 for story mode and Madden Rewards.

You can play Madden 18 right now to improve your game. This will help you become a better player and while the progress you complete in most modes will not carry over, you can still get some rewards. This is also a good thing to do if you want to complete the Longshot story mode in case EA continues on the same plot.

If you open enough packs in Madden Ultimate Team you will qualify for Madden Rewards. This will help you start with better content in Ultimate Team in Madden 19. In previous years, you only needed to open 50 packs to get to the first tier, so it’s accessible.

With rewards and skill building, there are plenty of reasons to play Madden 18 while you wait for Madden 19.

Watch for Madden 19 Deals

Watch for Madden 19 deals.
Watch for Madden 19 deals.

There are not any huge Madden 19 deals yet. We expect that will change starting this summer during the E3 timeframe, but some may start earlier when EA confirms more Madden 19 details ahead of the event.

Right now you can buy Madden 19 at GameStop, but it isn’t available at Best Buy or Amazon. Those two stores are where you can save a lot on the new Madden NFL game for 2018.

With Amazon Prime you can save 20% on Madden 19 when it goes on sale, which may be a while. At Best Buy, you can also save 20% with Gamers Club Unlocked once the game goes on sale. At Best Buy we will also likely see another $10 in rewards and potentially a massive Madden 18 trade in deal. If you own Madden 18, keep an eye on that deal.

Decide If You’ll Pre-Order Madden 19

Will you pre-order Madden 19?
Will you pre-order Madden 19?

Soon every gaming store will be offering a Madden 19 pre-order. With it you will see Madden 19 pre-order bonuses in the form of extra MUT packs which are like gold to Ultimate Team players.

It’s still very early to pre-order Madden 19, and it will be until mid July when we know almost everything about the game. Most users should wait to pre-order until all the bonuses, deals and Madden 19 editions are known.

I normally pre-order Madden 19 at Best Buy. This allows me to get the $10 bonus Reward Certificate that is normally offered and for the last few years I’ve been able to trade the old copy of Madden and pay about $28 for the copy that includes a ton of bonus items. At that point in August I will know all I need to make a educated choice, and I’ll be able to try the game on EA Access on Xbox before the release to make sure I like it.

Play Madden 19 on EA Access

Play Madden 18 on EA Access now and play Madden 19 early.
Play Madden 18 on EA Access now and play Madden 19 early.

If you are on Xbox, you can subscribe to EA Access for $30 a year or $5 a month. With this service you get to play new EA games five days early for up to 10 hours of play. This is a great way to play the game early to see if you like it and it also gives you an edge on playing the game if you love Ultimate Team.

This is not a demo, in fact there hasn’t been a Madden demo in years. This is normally the full game, but we saw EA limit the story mode last year. If you sign up now you can play Madden 18 at no extra charge, or simply wait for August to spend $5 on a month of access. There is no EA Access for PS4.

Consider Buying a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X

EA delivered better looking versions of Madden 18 on PS4 Pro and on the Xbox One X last year. This will undoubtedly continue through to Madden 19. If you want the best looking gameplay you should consider saving up for a new console or looking for the best deals.

On both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro you can expect 4K and HDR support for Madden 19, which means more detail and better looking colors throughout. This is something that will likely get a decent amount of attention when it is announced, so stay tuned for specifics and comparisons.

While you are waiting, you should start looking for PS4 Pro deals like the discount we saw drop the price to $320 at Target recently and for Xbox One X deals.

Madden 19 Features Wishlist: 9 Changes We Want

Madden 19 Ultimate Team Grind Mode

Madden 19 Ultimate Team Grind Mode

With Madden 18 Ultimate Team mode quickly became a grind fest to unlock all of the weekly challenges, which wouldn't be as bad if there was a quick way to play through a series of challenges and games. 

In Madden 18 you had to finish a challenge, go back out tap through a few reward screens at the end of the game. Once that was done you'd need to pick the next challenge and tap through a few screens and listen to one of the few introduction options before you could start playing. If you wanted to get through a few challenges fast, this slowed you down. 

I want to see EA add in a Grind mode that embraces the game they are delivering. Allow me to choose next challenge at the end of a game and go straight into it. This would be even better if they pre-load the game so you can jump straight into the play selection instead of dealing with announcers pretending it is the start of the game when you are playing a 2 minute drill in the fourth. 

This would allow me to play more Madden 19 Ultimate Team Challenges and for users who want to complete sets and unlock better players it would be an epic upgrade. 

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