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13 Things to Know About Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC



Try Battlefield 1 DLC for Free Before Apocalypse

Try Battlefield 1 DLC for Free Before Apocalypse

Apocalypse will arrive one day after the end date for the latest Battlefield 1 Premium Trial. 

From February 13th to February 19th, EA and DICE will be hosting a Turning Tides free trial that gives everyone the chance to try the game's DLC content. 

The trial also includes the content from They Shall Not Pass and In the Name of the Tsar, the first two DLC expansions.

Before you get too excited note that trial members can access the weapons and vehicles of the three expansions, but they can’t spawn in with them.



  1. Elijah

    12/24/2017 at 8:44 am

    I hope Serbia will be in the latest dlc when i first played the game and realized that Serbia wasn’t in it i was amazed the county played a very important role in ww1 and epic battles and history look it up i think if they add it to the dlc the game will be more epic and accurate and probably if they added serbia a 3d of the Balkans would get the game EA & Dice plss Add serbia

    • Shane

      01/06/2018 at 6:07 am

      Agreed! Serbia should be part of battlefield1!

  2. Алѣксандѫр Бачѣвъ

    02/08/2018 at 2:38 am

    Bulgarian army is most important in ww1 Serbs to. Dice add this nations to game it a shame for dice and history

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