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5 Things to Know About the watchOS 6.1.1 Update



Apple’s watchOS 6.1.1 update is available now as a bug fix update for watchOS 6, which will hopefully fix a number of issues on the Apple Watch ahead of the holiday season.

watchOS 6.1.1 is a fix-it style update that does not add new features but instead aims to fix watchOS 6 problems. This update arrives alongside iOS 13.3, which is adding in some new features as well as bug fixes for the iPhone and iPadOS 13.3 on the iPad.

If your Apple Watch is running watchOS 6.1, you will find a small update with bug fixes and security updates for your watch today. If you are still on an older version of watchOS 6, you will get new features and need to plan on a larger update. The watchOS 6.1.1 update installs quicker than previous updates.

This is a run-through of the important things that you need to know about the watchOS 6.1.1 update.

Our guide covers the watchOS 6.1.1 performance, any known problems with watchOS 6.1.1, the compatibility of the update, any known changes or new features and what’s next for the Apple Watch.

Let’s start with the watchOS 6.1.1 performance after a short period of testing with the update.

watchOS 6.1.1 Reviews

What you need to know about watchOS 6.1.1.

What you need to know about watchOS 6.1.1.

I’m testing the watchOS 6.1.1 update on the Apple Watch 5 GPS only model. We’re keeping our eyes open for reports on the LTE model as well. This is an early review, so I am just testing basic features and what I use every day. I will update you with a deeper dive into features this week.


  • WiFi is connected and working as expected.
  • Bluetooth is connected immediately to my iPhone 11 Pro Max after reboot.
  • AirPods connected and streamed as well as PowerBeats Pro.
  • GPS and Compass are working fine.


  • Third-party apps launch and work as expected including Spotify, Starbucks, Ecobee, Facebook Messenger and others.
  • Apple’s apps like Apple Music, Messages, Calendar, and Podcasts are working as well.

Speed & Battery Life

  • The update performance is good so far, but this is the latest Apple Watch.
  • It is too early to offer any battery life performance.

watchOS 6.1.1 Problems

Be aware of watchOS 6.1.1 problems.

Be aware of watchOS 6.1.1 problems.

The watchOS 6.1.1 update is a small one and so far there are no reports of widespread watchOS 6.1.1. problems. We are monitoring our watch as well as social media in case users report errors or problems.

While trying to install directly on the Apple Watch, we ran into an error, starting the process over on the iPhone solved this issue for us.

As mentioned in the review section above, our watch is working nicely with the update. This is on par with our experience with the Apple Watch 5, but some problems only appear after long testing.

Stay tuned for any reports of update problems or watchOS 6.1.1 problems.

watchOS 6.1.1 Update: What’s New

watchOS 6.1.1 is a bug fix update. There are no new features mention in the update changelog, and no specific bug fixes called out. This is fairly common for an x.x.1 release like this. We could see users note specific changes and developers uncover the exact fixes, but for the most part, this is not an update that will change how you use or see your Apple Watch unless it fixes a problem you’ve been having.

watchOS 6.1.1 Compatibility

The watchOS 6.1.1 update is compatible with all Apple Watches running watchOS 6. That includes Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4 and the newest Series 5. You need to install iOS 13.3 to install watchOS 6.1.1 on your Apple Watch.

Apple released a watchOS 5.3.4 update to add fixes for Apple Watch models that are not able to run watchOS 6.

What’s Next for watchOS

This is likely the last Apple Watch update of the year. While Apple may start testing watchOS 6.2 internally or even with a developer beta in the near future, it won’t arrive on your watch in 2019.

Expect to see Apple focus on adding in new features with watchOS 6.2 in the new year. We may see a watchOS 6.1.2 update if Apple needs to fix any issues, but we don’t expect new features until a major update.

4 Reasons Not to Install watchOS 6.2.8 & 10 Reasons You Should

Install if You Have Apple Watch Problems

Install if You Have Apple Watch Problems

Is your Apple Watch sluggish or are you experiencing problems on watchOS 5 or watchOS 6? If so, you may find a better experience on your Apple Watch with watchOS 6.2.8.

The watchOS 6.2.8 update does not list specific fixes, but every small update like this does include some fixes. The previous updates fixed issues with FaceTime, playing music, and Bluetooth connectivity. 

If your Apple Watch is slow, connectivity isn't what it used to be or there are other issues that you simply deal with every day, there is a chance that Apple will fix some of these issues in watchOS 6.2.8.

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