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7 Reasons to Install the Pixel Android P Beta & 5 Reasons Not to



Install for Android's New Gesture Navigation

Install for Android's New Gesture Navigation

Android devices continue to get bigger and bigger screens, with smaller bezels. As a result, Google just introduced an all-new gesture navigation system. It's the future of Android. Instead of the boring back, home, and recent apps buttons we've seen for years and years, Google added something completely different.

Just like how Apple's iPhone X has a brand new gesture control for navigating the software, you can swipe up and slide your fingers in Android P to control everything. 

Once you download Android P go to Settings and search for Gestures. Enable the swipe-up gesture, and your home button will disappear. 

Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen for a beautiful new card-style UI of running apps you can swipe between with ease. This also makes using the phone and navigating the software easier with one-hand. Swipe up all the way to launch the app tray, or only part-way to see running apps. The back button comes and goes as necessary. Giving Android a fresh new look, feel, style, and way to control it. 

It'll take some getting used to, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Update: After 3 weeks I disabled gesture controls. The 4th and 5th beta added a back button, but it'll still take some getting used to. 

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