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7 Reasons to Install the Pixel Android P Beta & 5 Reasons Not to



Install Android P to Help Improve the Software

Install Android P to Help Improve the Software

Another reason many will choose to install Android P is to help improve the software. Developers install it to test their apps and ensure a great experience for all users, but regular users can contribute too.

From bug reports to gathering stats and information or letting owners share feedback about the experience. This is an option in the settings menu on your Google Pixel or Pixel XL on Android P. A dedicated area to send feedback to Android developers. This helps Google and developers improve the experience on our devices. Other devices might have a similar option on the P beta too. 

This will be especially important as more devices start getting announced with a notch in the screen like the iPhone X. You'll want to tell developers if apps don't support it, and share helpful information with Google too.

The goal is to have an excellent experience ready to go when Android P is released around the globe. Which, by the way, isn't until sometime in August. We're still a long ways away from that day.

Manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, LG and others will be able to participate later this year too. Then, with the fourth Android P update sometime in June or July, we'll get the final API's so developers can get everything 100% ready.

So download Android P, submit feedback when needed, and help make Android P better when it's officially available later this year.

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