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7 Reasons to Install the Pixel Android P Beta & 5 Reasons Not to



Install Android P For Themes & Fun Features

Install Android P For Themes & Fun Features

If you want to enjoy a ton of exciting new features before anyone else, install the Android P developer preview 5 (or beta 4) software today. While Google's still slowly adding changes or new features, each release they add a few more. 

With the 4th Developer Preview from July 2nd, Google added the option to choose a light or dark theme, improved the gesture navigation controls, tweaked the look and feel of things, and hid a few other exciting changes throughout. We're slowly but surely getting there. 

Plus, this is now the 5th beta and Google likely fixed a ton of problems, and finally made it stable enough for the real world. Basically, if you were afraid to try the Android P beta on your Pixel, now is a good time. Mainly because this is an "RC" release, which stands for release candidate. Essentially, Google feels like it's ready for prime-time, even though they'll release one more beta before finally unleashing it on the world. 

Try Android 9.0 P Developer Preview 5 on your Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, or Pixel 2 XL today. 

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