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How to Fix Bad iOS 11 Performance



If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch starts freezing, lagging, or randomly rebooting after the latest iOS 11 software update, we have a few solutions to try before taking your device into an Apple Store for a checkup.

Apple’s newest iOS 11 update comes with fixes and patches, but problems are plaguing iOS 11.4.1 users.

The current list of iOS 11 performance problems includes various bugs and performance issues including stuttering, app lockups, random reboots, user interface lag, freezes, and more.

iOS performance issues are extremely frustrating but there are some things to try before you give up and get in contact with Apple’s customer support. Some of you might even be able to fix your iOS 11 performance issues in seconds.

This guide to fixing poor iOS 11.0, iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.1.1, iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.2, iOS 11.2.1, iOS 11.2.2, iOS 11.2.5, iOS 11.2.6, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.4, and iOS 11.4.1 performance issues will provide you with some tips that’ve worked to improve performance on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the past.

There’s no guarantee they’ll work for you and your device but they’re worth a shot if you can’t stand iOS 11’s performance on your iPhone or iPad.

Restart Your Device

The first thing you’ll want to do is restart your phone or tablet.

This might seem ridiculous but a simple restart could get you back on track. Power down your device by holding the power button, swipe to turn it off, and then power it back on.

Install the Latest iOS 11 Update

If you’re running an older version of iOS 11 and you’re noticing performance issues, try installing the iOS 11.4.1 update and see if that helps.

Try the iOS 12 Beta

If you can’t wait for Apple to release the version of iOS, try downloading Apple’s iOS 12 beta.

The iOS 12 beta is an early version of Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 update (set for release this fall) and it comes with a long list of changes including performance improvements.

The beta’s plagued with an assortment of bugs, but there’s a chance it’ll improve your device’s performance.

If you’re interested, take a look at our guide to installing the iOS 12 beta on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You’ll also want to take a look at our reasons to avoid it.

Reset Your Network Settings

If you’re noticing slow download speeds after installing the latest iOS 11 update, try resetting your device’s network settings.

Go into your Settings app > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will cause your device to forget your Wi-Fi passwords so make sure you have those handy before you make your move.

You can also try resetting all of your device’s settings from the same menu. Simply tap Reset All Settings. This will restore your device’s settings to their factory defaults so, again, make sure you write down those Wi-Fi passwords.

Do Some Cleanup

If you’ve owned your device for awhile you’ve probably accumulated all sorts of apps, photos, and videos you no longer need. Getting rid of this clutter could improve your device’s overall speed.

In order to check how much space you’re using, head into your Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and select Manage Storage.

If you’re running out of space on your iPad or iPhone, head back into General and then scroll down to where it says iPhone Storage or iPad Storage if you’re on a tablet.

Apple’s iOS 11 update gives you an extremely detailed look the stuff you’re storing on your device. It also makes some recommendations based on your utilization of your device’s hard drive. You might want to take Apple’s advice.

Update Your Apps

If your applications are starting to act up make sure they’re updated.

Developers are going to be rolling out iOS 11 support updates with bug fixes and improvements. If you start experiencing issues with an app, you’ll want to look into these updates.

Head into the new App Store and read reviews from iOS 11.4.1 users. If they’re mostly good, you should install the latest version of the app on your device.

Stop Automatic Downloads

If you have trouble keeping pace with app updates, iOS’ automatic feature can be useful. That said, the constant stream of updates can make your device work in the background which can potentially lead to poor performance.

If you don’t have a problem with manually updating your apps, at least temporarily, try disabling Automatic Downloads on your device.

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store. Once you’re there, you’ll want to toggle the switch to turn off Updates located in the Automatic Downloads section. You might toggle the other options off as well.

Disable Widgets

Widgets can be useful but they also make your device’s hardware work. Disabling widgets you no longer need could help improve iOS 11’s performance on your iPhone or iPad.

While you’re on the home screen, swipe to the right. Scroll all the way to bottom of the list and tap on Edit. It’s that little circular icon.

On the next screen you should see a long list of services and apps. These are your active and inactive widgets. To disable a widget on your device, tap the red circle with the white line and tap Remove.

You can remove as many as you want and you can always flip them back on if you don’t notice an improvement to your device’s performance.

Clear Browser Cookies & Data

Clearing your browser’s cookies and data will free up memory and help speed up your device.

If you use Apple’s Safari browser go into your Settings > Safari > and scroll down to where it says Clear History and Website Data. Tap it.

Tapping this will remove your browsing history, cookies, and other data from Safari. History will also be cleared from any devices signed into your iCloud account. If you’re fine with that, tap Clear History and Data again.

If you’re using Google’s Chrome browser on your device, you’ll want to head into the app itself and tap the three vertical circles in the top right corner.

Once you’re in there, tap Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data. You can now select what you wish to delete. If you’re noticing serious lag, you might want to start fresh.

If that’s the case, select them all (you’ll notice a check mark on the right once you’ve done this) and then click Clear Browsing Data.

Stop Background Refresh

Background App Refresh works in the background to keep your apps updated with fresh data. For instance your Facebook feed will constantly be updated without having to actually open up the app.

If you don’t need your apps working in the background try Turning Background App Refresh off. It could help improve performance.

Head into Settings > General > Background App Refresh and toggle Background Refresh off. This will shut it down completely.

You can also go down your list of apps one-by-one and make your selections on a case-by-case basis. This is tedious but it’s the route to take if you want to keep this feature live for your core applications.

Reduce Your Animations

If you start noticing choppy animations, try toning them down.

iOS 11 provides a sense a depth when you tilt your device and open and close your apps. If you minimize this feature it could improve performance.

To reduce Motion Effects on your device, head into Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle Reduce Motion on. Before you do, note that reducing Motion Effects will disable some features like the bubble effect in the Messages app.

You’ll also want to reduce transparency and blur effects. To reduce transparency, head into Accessibility > tap Increase Contrast and then tap the toggle to turn on the Reduce Transparency function.

Start Over

If none of those tips help, and you can’t find a fix anywhere else, you might want to downgrade or start fresh and factory reset your phone or tablet.

If Apple is currently signing off on an older iOS update you can downgrade. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, take a look at our guide.

If you can’t take your device into an Apple Store, a factory reset is the nuclear option. It will take some time but it could fix your performance issues.

Before you reset your device to its factory defaults, make sure your important data is properly backed up via iTunes or Apple’s iCloud service.

If everything is backed up and good to go and you’re ready for a clean slate, head into Settings > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to get the process started.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 12.5.6 & 10 Reasons You Should

Install iOS 12.5.6 for Better Security

Install iOS 12.5.6 for Better Security

If you're on the fence, here's one of the best reasons to install iOS 12.5.6 right away.

iOS 12.5.6 has a vital security patch on board and it will protect your device(s) from harm. If you want the details, head over to Apple's website.

If you missed the iOS 12.5.5 update, it brought three security patches to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can learn more about the trio on Apple's security site

If you missed iOS 12.5.4, you'll get that update's important security upgrades with your iOS 12.5.6 update. If you're interested in the particulars, head on over to Apple's website for more.

If you skipped iOS 12.5.3, you'll get its security patches with your upgrade. Both of its patches were related to WebKit. If you want to learn more about them, head on over to Apple's security site

If you skipped iOS 12.5.2, you'll also get its security patch with your upgrade. You can read more about it over on Apple's website

If you also skipped iOS 12.5, you'll also get its patch with your upgrade. Apple's outlined the update's patch in detail on its security site

If you missed iOS 12.4.9, you'll also get its four security patches with your upgrade. You can read more about those right here

If you skipped iOS 12.4.7, you also get the update's three security patches (two for the Mail app and one for Wi-Fi) with your upgrade to iOS 12.5.6.

If you're running software that's older than Apple's iOS 12.4.4 update, you'll want to download iOS 12.5.6 in the near future because it brings iOS 12.4.4's security patch to your device. You can read about it right here.

If you're running software older than iOS 12.4.2, you'll get an its patch with your upgrade. You can read about the security contents of iOS 12.4.2 right here

If you're on software that's older than iOS 12.4.1, you'll get iOS 12.4.1's security patch with your iOS 12.5.6 update. You can read about that patch right here

If you're on software that's older than iOS 12.4, you get iOS 12.4's patches with your iOS 12.5.6 update. 

iOS 12.4 brought 19 security patches to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you're interested in the specifics, you can read about them on Apple's security site

If you're running software older than iOS 12.3, your iOS 12.5.6 update carries iOS 12.3's security patches on board. The iOS 12.3 update brought 23 patches and you can read about all of them right here on Apple's site. 

If you're on software that's older than iOS 12.2, you'll get iOS 12.2's security patches with your version of iOS 12.5.6.

iOS 12.2 brought a whopping 41 security patches to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can read more about the iOS 12.2's patches over on the company's website

It's important to note that Apple's iOS 12.2 update patched up an exploit that allowed websites to use motion sensors to "fingerprint" devices.

The exploit, discovered by researchers in Europe, uses JavaScript to snag data from a device's accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer when the user visits an infected website. If the attack is successful, a device can be tracked around the internet. 

Fortunately, Apple's patched up the issue. If you skipped it, you'll probably want to move to iOS 12.5.6 soon.

If you're on software older than iOS 12.1.4, you get four important security patches including fixes for a widespread FaceTime eavesdropping bug that lets you call someone via FaceTime and hear the audio coming from their phone before they pick up the phone.

If you're on software older than iOS 12.1.3, you get some additional patches with your version of iOS 12.5.6. Again, they're baked into your upgrade.

Apple lists a grand total of 23 patches on board iOS 12.1.3 and you can read about all of them over on Apple's website. 

If you're on software older than iOS 12.1.1, you should install the iOS 12.5.6 update on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch today. 

The iOS 12.1.1 update brought 17 patches for potential security exploits. They'll will help protect your phone. You can read about them here.

If you're running software older than iOS 12.1, you'll get 24 patches from that update with your version of iOS 12.5.5.

If you're on software that's older than iOS 12.0.1, your iOS 12.5.6 update brings two additional patches. Both patches are for potential lock screen exploits.

Long story long, if you store sensitive data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you have some really good reasons to upgrade to iOS 12.5.6 today.



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