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7 Tips for New iPhone Owners on Christmas Day



If you are a new iPhone owner this guide will show you the things you need to get started using your new iPhone. If you unwrapped an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s under your tree this guide will help you get started the right way.

We’ll focus on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but most of these items will help new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners as well.

No matter what iPhone you get, you will likely need to install updated software. This is a good idea since it will fix some problems and includes security fixes.

Whether this is your first iPhone or just a new iPhone after using an older device for a few years we’ll help you get started with the iPhone.

The essential tips for new iPhone owners and iOS 9 users.

The essential tips for new iPhone owners and iOS 9 users.

Apple releases a new iPhone every year. While the new iPhones come out in the fall, many users are on a delayed upgrade schedule while they wait for an upgrade. Whenever you get your new iPhone we’ll show you how to use it, the best iPhone apps and essential accessories.

How to Setup Your New iPhone

Use our iPhone 6s setup guide to learn how to set up your new iPhone on iOS 9. We’ll show you how to backup your old iPhone, how to activate your new iPhone and how to transfer your apps, content, photos and contacts to the new iPhone.

We’ll also cover how to switch from Android to iPhone and the small parts of iPhone setup that you may otherwise miss out.

Best iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps - 8

Once you get your iPhone 6s or new iPhone setup, you need the best iPhone apps to really do more with your iPhone. Use our breakdown of the best iPhone apps to get started.

We offer over 100 of the best iPhone apps for 2015 with breakdowns into categories and explain why we like each of these apps.

iPhone Settings to Change

Here are the iPhone 6s settings you should change.

Here are the iPhone 6s settings you should change.

When you get your new iPhone home and start to use it, there are a number of important settings to change so that you get the best iPhone experience.

In this guide we walk through the settings we recommend changing on the iPhone 6s. Most of these are also applicable to the iPhone 6 and older devices that run iOS 9, iOS 9.1 or iOS 9.2.

We make these changes as soon as we get a new iPhone, and we think most users should do the same.

Best iPhone Accessories

We recommend checking out the best iPhone accessories to protect your new iPhone and to do more with your new iPhone. Choose the phone you have and click the links below to go to the best accessories you can buy for your new iPhone.

Most iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 accessories and cases work with either phone and most iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus accessories work with either phone so you can mix and match. The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are slightly thicker, so not all cases will work if they enclose the entire phone.

How to Fix iPhone Problems

One common theme for new iPhone owners is that they run into problems with their device. You can fix most iPhone problems without going to an Apple store. It helps if you know the specific error message or at least can describe your problem.

Use the two guides above to learn about the problems you may run into with your new iPhone and how you can fix them.

New iPhone Tips & Tricks

The new iPhone you hold in your hand runs iOS 9, or a version of iOS 9 that includes bug fixes and some small new features.

Use this list of 51 iOS 9 tips, tricks and hidden features to learn about how you can use your new iPhone to do more without buying accessories and apps.

Learning how to use your new iPhone is essentially learning how to use iOS 9. The video below also walks through many of the new software features on your new iPhone.

Use our iOS 9 tips and tricks to see how you can use the new iOS 9 features on your iPhone.

Things to Try With Your New iPhone

You can use the slides below to see the things we suggest trying with the new iPhone. This focuses on the iPhone 6s, which adds features not found on the iPhone 6 and older devices. You can also watch the video above for a fast run through of the new features we think you should spend five minutes trying out.

10 Exciting iPhone 6s Features You Need to Try

Take a Live Photo

Take a Live Photo

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can now take a live photo that includes a few frames before and after you press the shutter.

Live photos are on by default on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. All you need to do is take a photo like normal when the Live icon in the middle of the camera settings is yellow, and it will work.

You can set these as your lock screen or you can simply watch them in the gallery by pressing on the screen.



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