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Apple Watch 4 Release: 4 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



An Apple Watch 4 is reportedly on the way and the company’s new wearable will likely launch in a few days alongside new iPhones and iPads.

Apple typically uses the month of September to announce new hardware and official release dates for the software it showcased at WWDC. Right on cue Apple’s confirmed a September 12th launch event where the company is expected to detail a slew of new products.

Rumors point to a massive launch with three new iPhones and two new iPad Pro models expected to make their debut in time for the iOS 12 release. The company is also rumored to be working on a brand new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 4 rumors have been swirling for months now and they’ve outlined many of the changes Apple’s expected to make to its popular wearable.

The new models will reportedly have a larger display and, if we’re lucky, a new trendy form factor with thinner bezels. The new models should also come with upgraded battery life, an improved processor, and the company’s upcoming watchOS 5 software. watchOS 5 has been in beta alongside iOS 12 and macOS Mojave since June.

If you’re looking to upgrade an older Apple Watch model or thinking about buying the Apple Watch for the first time, the Apple Watch 4 should be on your radar. And if you’re interested in buying a new Apple Watch you’re probably curious about the Apple Watch 4 release date, pre-orders, and accessories.

Apple hasn’t made those announcements yet, but the company’s fairly predictable and today we want to help you set proper expectations for the Apple Watch 4 release ahead of September 12th.

Apple Watch 4 Pre-Order Date

Apple Watch 4 Pre-Order Date

If the Apple Watch 4 is part of Apple's September 12th launch event, and there's no reason to believe it won't be, we'd expect the device to go up for pre-order a few days later. 

Apple's fall pre-orders typically start at 12:01AM Pacific the Friday after the announcement date and we aren't anticipating any major change to Apple's long-running formula. 

If you're planning to secure an Apple Watch 4 right when goes on sale through Apple and its retail partners, you should start planning to buy on Friday, September 14th. 

German carriers think iPhone pre-orders will start on September 14th so odds are good that's when Apple Watch 4 pre-orders will start as well.

If you want a very specific model and you want it ASAP, you should think about putting in a pre-order when the device goes on sale.

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