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6 Reasons to Wait for the Apple Watch 4 & 4 Reasons Not To



Apple is working on an Apple Watch 4, and a new leak shows off six new Apple Watch models coming very soon. The company has not announced it yet, but every year Apple starts selling a new and improved model, and now we know it is close. The latest leak shows off the new Apple Watch 4 design, and it’s a stunner. This guide will help you decide if you should wait for the Apple Watch 4 release date or if you should buy an Apple Watch now.

The Apple Watch 3 is good, but the Apple Watch 4 rumors promise important upgrades. While you won’t see one during the Apple event next week, you shouldn’t have to wait much longer to buy one.

If you are looking for a new Apple Watch today your options are to buy the Apple Watch 3, buy the Apple Watch series 1, or buy a used Apple Watch Series 2. The other option is to wait for the Apple Watch 4 that is likely coming in the fall. It’s not a great idea to buy the Apple Watch series 1 right now, since watchOS 5 may be the last update it gets.

Apple is not talking about the Apple Watch 4, or Apple Watch Series 4, and won’t even mention it until September 2018, but we can help you decide if it is worth waiting. For some users this might mean waiting to buy your first Apple Watch, but for others it’s about whether or not it makes sense to buy the Apple Watch 3 with an Apple Watch 2 on your wrist.

Here are the reasons to wait for the Apple Watch 4;

  1. Wait for an Apple Event That’s Close
  2. Wait for a New Apple Watch Design
  3. Wait if You Have an Apple Watch 2
  4. Wait if You Want Better Battery Life
  5. Wait if You Want Better Performance
  6. Wait for More Sensors and Smart Bands

Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t wait for the Apple Watch 4.

  1. Don’t Wait if You Want an Apple Watch Now
  2. Don’t Wait for a Cheaper Apple Watch
  3. Don’t Wait for Apple Watch Android Support
  4. Don’t Wait for Apple Watch Alternatives

Apple Watch 4 Release Date & Rumor Roundup

Expect an Apple Watch 4 release date in September. Apple released the last two models in September and it makes sense for them to stick with this tradition.

As August comes to a close we know that the Apple Event is September 12th, and a leak on 9to5Mac shows off a beautiful new wide screen design for the Apple Watch 4.

In mid-August, we learn that Apple submitted six new Apple Watch models to the EEC for approval, all running watchOS 5, which is a sign that the release date is very close.

The latest reports indicate the Apple Watch 4 will feature a larger display and potentially a new design with thinner bezels. This report on 9to5Mac comes from Ming Chi Kuo, who has a good track record in predicting Apple announcements. Bloomberg offers new information at the end of May pointing to a new Apple Watch 4 design. The new design will still work with some bands according to the leak.

After three models it feels like Apple could opt for a new design without significantly disrupting the accessory market by changing the Apple Watch band style or size. While Kuo’s report doesn’t specifically mention specific design changes, it outlines a “more trendy form factor design.” Expect to learn more about this in the summer as a new version of watchOS could include some inadvertent information. That said, there are some Apple patents for new display types and new band designs, so there is a chance. the Bloomberg report states that two models will include larger displays that go edge to edge, but that will be very similar in overall size to the current models.

We may finally see third party Apple Watch faces when the Apple Watch 4 arrives. Code spotted in watchOS 4.3.1 included a mention of this, but this is a feature we’d expect in a bigger release. There is a good chance Apple will announce this at WWDC 2018 in June as part of WatchOS 5, but it will launch officially next to the Apple Watch 4 in September. Of course this may not be tied to watch faces at all, based on input from a prominent developer.

Apple is committed to the health accessories for the Apple Watch, but there are still no official sensor watch bands and limited internal sensors. Adding more would require FDA approval, but that could come after a new watch is on the market. The AlivCor KardiaBand is an FDA approved EKG band for the current Apple Watch models. We could see Apple add in a different type of connection or communication method to open this marketplace up more. Apple is working to add new sensors according to Bloomberg. Kuo’s latest report indicates Apple will add new health sensors, but it is not clear what those will do.

We do expect even better Apple Watch 4 battery life and we expect that there will be a faster processor. The Apple Watch 3 is much faster and the battery life is much better than the Series 2 and if Apple can keep that upgrade pace users will be in for a treat.

New information in the iOS 12 beta points to new Apple Watch models. The appearance in iOS 12, which is coming out this fall, strongly suggests the Apple Watch 4 release date is coming in just a few months.

The Apple Watch 3 is still a good buy nearly nine months after the initial release date, especially with deals that take $50 off on a semi-regular basis. That said, there are still some reasons to wait for the the new Apple Watch 4, especially as Summer starts. We’ll help you walk through why you should wait for a 2018 Apple Watch release and why you should buy an Apple Watch 3.

Wait for an Apple Event That's Happening Soon

Wait for an Apple Event That's Happening Soon

We've learned that Apple submitted six new Apple Watch 4 models for approval to the Eurasian Economic Commission, which is something that only happens when the company is nearly ready to announce and release. 

The Apple Event is September 12th, which is when we expect to see Apple announce the new Apple Watch. This is two weeks away, and it's definitely worth waiting for at this point. 

If you are considering buying an Apple Watch at all, you should wait until the event takes place so you know what you are getting. This will allow you to buy the newest model, or buy the older model knowing what you are passing up. 

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