5 Reasons to Wait for the Apple Watch 4 & 3 Reasons Not To

We’ll help you decide if you should wait for the Apple Watch 4 release date before buying an Apple Watch, or if you should go ahead and buy the Apple Watch 3 that came out in September with new Cellular connectivity and the ability for Siri to speak to you.  We’ll walk you through what you need to know to decide if it’s worth waiting months for the Apple Watch Series 4, and reasons not to wait for the new Apple Watch for 2018.

The Apple Watch 3 is a nice upgrade with new connectivity options, better performance, a host of watchOS software features and it still has the GPS and water resistance from the Apple Watch Series 2. There are a lot of smart watches, fitness trackers and wearables, but the Apple Watch is the most popular model.

Apple is not talking about the Apple Watch 4, or Apple Watch Series 4, and probably won’t even mention it until late 2018, but we can help you decide if it is worth waiting. For some users this might mean waiting to buy your first Apple Watch, but for others it’s about whether or not it makes sense to buy the Apple Watch 3 with an Apple Watch 2 on your wrist.

Here are the reasons to wait for the Apple Watch 4;

  1. Wait if You Want Better Battery Life
  2. Wait if You Want Better Performance
  3. Wait for a New Apple Watch Design
  4. Wait if You Have an Apple Watch 2
  5. Wait for More Sensors and Smart Bands

Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t wait for the Apple Watch 4.

  1. Don’t Wait if You Want an Apple Watch Now
  2. Don’t Wait for a Cheaper Apple Watch
  3. Don’t Wait for Apple Watch Android Support

It’s still very early, with the Apple Watch 3 release date just a few months past, but there are still some reasons to wait for the the new Apple Watch 4 especially as 2018 nears. Even with rumors of a Spring Apple event we don’t expect to see one that fast. We’ll help you walk through why you should wait and why you should buy an Apple Watch 3.

Wait if You Want Better Battery Life

Wait if You Want Better Battery Life

The Apple Watch 3 is rated for "all day use" with 18 hours of battery life on one charge. If you want an Apple Watch that lasts multiple days, you may want to wait to see what the new Apple Watch can deliver. 

Apple upped the ante with the Apple Watch 3, upgrading the battery life while listening to music from 6.5 hours to 10 hours. We didn't see any major changes to the Apple Watch 3 battery life when working out or with GPS, which is an area we would love to see expanded in the new Apple Watch. 

While we don't quite expect to see an Apple Watch battery that lasts multiple days, especially with GPS and LTE options, but it would be great to see the battery life grow and be able to track hear rates more often. 

We now have fast charging in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but there is no fast charging in the Apple Watch yet. That's another area where we could see Apple upgrade the iPhone. 

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