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Battlefield 1 Updates: What’s Next for Xbox One, PS4 & PC



The Battlefield 2018 launch is inching closer, but that doesn’t mean EA DICE will stop supporting Battlefield 1. In fact, the company’s confirmed a flurry of new content in updates for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

EA’s currently working on the Battlefield 2018 trailer and the big reveal is set to take place in June at the company’s annual EA Play event in Los Angeles, California. Those in attendance will also be able to play the new Battlefield game for the first time.

With the Battlefield 2018 announcements just weeks away, Battlefield 1 players have been left wondering about its fate. Until now.

Ahead of the Battlefield 2018 release, the company’s outlined its approach to Battlefield 1 going forward. There are some exciting details and there’s also one bit of news that might leave you feeling disappointed.

Today we want to take you through all of the news and what it means for those of you who own and continue to play Battlefield 1.

Rupture Map for All Players

Starting today, DICE will be releasing a steady stream of new content, bug fixes, and enhancements for Battlefield 1 players across all platforms.

The first upgrade comes in the form of a They Shall Not Pass DLC map for all players, not just those who own the game’s Premium Pass.

Rupture, a popular map from the game’s first expansion pack, is now available for everyone. The map is set during World War I’s Second Battle of the Marne. If you’re unfamiliar with They Shall Not Pass, take a look at our guide.

It’s unclear if DICE will release an April patch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Windows PC.

Battlefield 1 May Update

Next month, the company plans to release more They Shall Not Pass content for all players. It’s unclear which maps will be made available. It’s also unclear if they’ll just open up or if they’ll be accompanied by a May patch.

June Battlefield 1 Update

DICE is also planning to release a huge summer update for Battlefield 1 in June.

The June update will include a brand new game mode that should excite those who love Battlefield 1’s Operations.

The new mode is called Shock Operations and it supports 40 players and sees attackers and defenders battling over sectors across one map instead of multiple. This is perfect for those that don’t have an hour to commit to a full Operation.

EA says Shock Operations will be available on five of the game’s maps including Giant’s ShadowPrise de TahureLupkow PassZeebrugge, and River Somme.

Most of these maps come from Battlefield 1 DLC, but the company says base game owners will be able to access them while playing Shock Operations.

Those who want access to these maps across all game modes will still need to purchase the Premium Pass, buy a DLC a la carte, or wait for a Premium Trial.

Those of you who don’t want to wait until June can try Shock Operations via the Battlefield 1 CTE. Here is the upcoming CTE schedule:

  • 4/19 3:00 AM PDT – Shock Operations on The Somme goes live.
  • 4/19 3:00 PM PDT – Play with DICE event
  • 4/20 11:00 AM PDT – Map rotation changes to The Somme/Prise de Tahure
  • 4/23 11:00 PM PDT – Map rotation changes to Prise de Tahure/Giant’s Shadow
  • 4/25 11:00 AM PDT – Map rotation changes to Giant’s Shadow/Lupkow Pass
  • 4/27 11:00 AM PDT – Map rotation changes to Lupkow Pass/Zeebrugge
  • 4/30 11:00 AM PDT – CTE is shut down

In addition to Shock Operations, the update to the CTE also includes a trio of bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with the mid-round team balancer causing teams to exceed the team size limit.
  • Fixed potential crash that could occur in War Stories.
  • Fixed player name alignment on dog tags when playing with the Arabic language setting.

EA DICE recently closed the CTE for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 so you’ll need a Windows PC to try it out.

Monthly Battlefield 1 Updates

Sadly, it looks like monthly Battlefield 1 updates will come to an end after the summer patch arrives.

EA DICE will continue to support the game with monthly updates through June, 2018, the same month the company plans to announce Battlefield 2018. After that it appears the company’s focus will shift to the new title.

Future updates will include the new content and they’ll also contain the usual array of bug fixes, enhancements, and tweaks they’re known for.

It’s unclear what kind of support EA will offer moving forward. If Battlefield 1 updates continue, you can expect them to be sporadic.

13 Things to Know About Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 Release Date

Battlefield 5 Release Date

If you're excited about the next Battlefield game you're probably wondering when it'll go on sale. 

Earlier this year EA said that it planed to release the next Battlefield game in October, 2018 and the company is sticking to that window. 

Battlefield 5's worldwide release date is confirmed for October 19th, but there are actually three Battlefield 5 release dates. 

Battlefield 5 will open up for EA and Origin Access members on October 11th.

Those who pre-order the Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition will get access on October 16th while those who buy the standard version of the game will get access to the game's content a few days later on October 19th.

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