Best Amazon Echo Deals for October 2017

The best Amazon Echo deals will help you save a small fortune as you add Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant to every corner of your home.

The latest Amazon Echo deals offer deep discounts for Amazon Echo buyers. Amazon Echo and Echo Dot both connect to the internet so that you can ask Alexa questions, stream music and control other smart home accessories, like Hue lightbulbs. One Amazon Echo deal for October 2017 saves buyers $50 when they purchase three of the speakers.

The more places you can access a personal assistant, the more useful that personal assistant is. That’s why you need the best Amazon Echo deals. Without them, adding an Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot to all the public spaces in your house could get very expensive. Amazon Echo Dot costs $49.99 before any discounts and the new Echo, Amazon’s latest speaker, costs $99.99. An Amazon Echo Plus with smart home hub is $149.99.

The new Amazon Echo.

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Don’t spend more money than needed to get Alexa in every place you need her. Save big with the best Amazon Echo deals available today.

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Best Amazon Echo Deals

Amazon$89.99$75Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo First-Generation
eBay$114.95$50.04New First-Generation Amazon Echo.
eBay$99.99$65.99New First-Generation Amazon Echo.
Best Buy$129.99$50New First-Generation Amazon Echo
$250$50Save $50 when you buy 3 of the new Amazon Echo.
B & H Photo$129.95$50New First-Generation Amazon Echo

None of these Amazon Echo deals require a membership to a warehouse club or any discount programs. Right now, there are more First-Generation Amazon Echo deals because Amazon just announced the new Amazon Echo for 2017.

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If you’re looking to outfit an entire home with Amazon Echo speakers, investigate Best Buy and Amazon’s bundles. Add three of the devices to your cart and you save $50 at checkout with the code ECHO3PACK . It’s unclear how long that savings will last, so take advantage now.

Best Amazon Echo Dot Deals

Amazon$44.99$5Amazon Echo Dot
B & H$44.99$5Amazon Echo Dot
$149.97$15Amazon Echo Dot 3-Pack. Ends October 14th.
eBay$42.50$7.49Amazon Echo Dot
eBay$41.99$8Amazon Echo Dot
Best Buy$44.99$5Amazon Echo Dot

You don’t need a membership or warehouse club subscription for these Amazon Echo Dot deals either. B&H Photo’s Echo Dot deal gets you a discount on three devices. That’s great if you want Alexa available in all your home’s common areas, but don’t need large speakers for music everywhere.

The Amazon Echo Plus.

Best Amazon Echo Plus Deals

Best Buy$149.99$14.99Buy an Amazon Echo Plus ad get a Philips Hue free.
Amazon$149.99$14.99Buy an Amazon Echo Plus ad get a Philips Hue free.

There aren’t many Echo Plus deals available just yet, but you can save money by buying the device at regular price. Amazon Echo Plus has a smart home hub inside it that can control Philips Hue lightbulbs, thermostats and smart locks. Amazon packages the device with one free Hue bulb that would cost $14.99 on its own

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Check for Refurbished Amazon Echo Dot & Echo Deals

You can create your own Amazon Echo deals by buying your devices used. Amazon sells certified refurbished versions of all its electronics online. They don’t take any longer to ship to you than a new device does. You still get a box, instructions, a power adapter and a warranty.

For comparison, the First-Generation Amazon Echo sells for $129 at most stores. A Certified Refurbished First-Generation Amazon Echo costs $89.99 in Amazon’s Certified Refurbished Store.

Check Amazon Echo Dot & Echo Deals on eBay & Craigslist

Also, don’t hesitate to buy a used Amazon Echo on eBay or Craigslist. The person selling their device can wipe their Amazon Account and personal information from it, leaving you with a like-new Echo.

If you’re considering buying a used Echo, be sure that the price you’re paying is less than the device costs brand new. Also, check the device to make sure it’s not connected to the previous owner’s account after you buy it. You can do this through the Alexa app for iPhone and Android.

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Expect more Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo deals as we get closer to the holiday shopping season.

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