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20 Best Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases



Moment Lens Case ($24)

Moment Lens Case ($24)

If you love photography you're probably excited for the dual cameras on the Galaxy S9+. However, you can take those photos to the next level with a Moment Lens case. This is a popular company who makes Lens cases for the iPhone and Google Pixel 2, and now you can try it for the Galaxy S9+. 

Basically, you get to choose one durable TPU and polycarbonate case with a real-wood back, or a neat black finish. It's only $19.99 and is a great case on its own. However, the company then sells stunning Lenses that snap on the back of the case, and transform the phone into an even better photography tool. They have wide-angle lens, zoom lens, and more. The case is affordable, but the lenses cost around $80. 

Buy it Now from Moment for $23.99

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