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20 Best Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases



Loopy Case for Galaxy S9+ ($39)

Loopy Case for Galaxy S9+ ($39)

Another case style we're seeing a lot is cases that have a handle or a loop for an improved grip. Loopy is one of the most popular brands in this category too. Basically, they make a thin, durable, easy to install case and then add a rubber "loop" to the back. The loop is completely customizable to any size, and then you slide your finger through it. That way you'll never accidentally drop your phone. 

Loopy cases work best on large phones like the Galaxy S9+ because you can type easier with one hand without worrying that you'll drop and ruin your phone. And while you can buy those "pop-cap" accessories and glue to them to the back of your phone, we recommend getting a Loopy case instead. 

Buy it Now for $39

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