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20 Best Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases



MNML Super Thin Case ($14)

MNML Super Thin Case ($14)

A growing trend is cases that are so thin you'll barely notice it's there at all. And while that means you get to keep your sleek, thin, premium phone feel, these cases don't offer a whole lot of protection either. 

Peel cases are made for people that don't want a case, but still want at least some protection. And while Peel cases are nice, they're expensive. That's why we're recommending MNML instead. This company offers minimal super thin cases for a slew of phones, and they're only $14. 

At just 0.3mm thin you'll barely notice this case on your phone at all. There's no bulk, no branding, no name, nothing. Just an extremely thin layer of polycarbonate plastic to cover your phone. Don't expect it to save your screen from a drop, but it's still a case and will protect it from daily bumps and scrapes. 

Buy it Now for $14 on Amazon

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