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20 Best Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases



Samsung HyperKnit Case ($35)

Samsung HyperKnit Case ($35)

Brand new for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in 2018 is Samsung's HperKnit case. This is a pretty unique case that will look and feel like no other case you've ever owned. 

Basically, the Samsung HyperKnit case is using a durable, high-quality real Nylon fabric to protect your phone. They're using a flexible TPU and polycarbonate skeleton for the overall design, but the outside of each case is covered in this new Blended HyperKnit Nylon fabric. It's pretty neat, actually. 

Each HyperKnit case is stylish, protective, durable, thin, and comfortable. Everything you want from a case. 

Buy it Now from MobileFun for $34.99

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