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Best iPhone 6 Concepts



iPhone 6 Concept with a Galaxy Note 2 Size Display

iPhone 6 Concept with a Galaxy Note 2 Size Display

The next iPhone 6 concept in our roundup comes from designer Peter Zigich and shows an iPhone 6 with a larger screen and a new placement for the home button.

Zigich's iPhone 6 concept includes an iPhone 6 with a Galaxy Note 2 size display and dual home buttons. By placing a home button on each side of the iPhone, he hopes to simplify one handed use while offering a larger screen.

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In this iPhone 6 concept we get six rows of apps on the screen and the iPhone 6 XL would allow for seven rows with five icons and offer a much larger screen for web browsing, reading and movies.

We also get to see a third option, an iPhone 6 mini with a smaller display that could come with a cheaper price. The three options are shown next to the iPhone 5 for size comparison.



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  2. Traceyreese

    04/06/2013 at 3:08 pm

    This isn’t cool enough

  3. venugopal iyer

    04/09/2013 at 2:05 am

    this is utter bullshit, iphone 6 with a note 2 design? ,no that aint happening. the concept itself is wrong.

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