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Best iPhone SE 2 Accessories



Here are the best iPhone SE 2 accessories that you need to complete your iPhone experience. You may not want to buy them all at once, but thanks to the lower price, there is more money left over for the essentials.

Even with sheltering in place, these iPhone SE 2 accessories play an important role in keeping your phone safe, keeping you connected and adding to the experience.

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Fast Charger & Cable

iPhone SE 2 fast charger that is just $15.

The iPhone SE 2 supports fast charging, but you need a fast charger and you need a USB C to Lightning charger to make this work. You can spend a ton of money with Apple, or you can buy the Aukey fast charger and an Amazon Basics Lightning cable and unlock this feature for about $30.

  • Aukey USB C Fast Charger – $14.99
  • Amazon Basics USB C to Lightning Cable – $10.79

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great iPhone SE 2 accessory.

The Apple Watch is an excellent iPhone SE 2 accessory. You can use this to get notifications on your wrist, answer calls and track your fitness. There are so many things that the Apple Watch can do, that we had to put together a complete guide on it.


AirPods go great with your iPhone SE 2.

AirPods are a perfect companion for your new iPhone. They pair instantly, easily switch to your other Apple devices and they are great for taking calls, listening to music and audiobooks. With more video calls and phone calls in our lives lately, they are a perfect addition.

iPhone SE 2 Case

This is an excellent minimal iPhone SE 2 case.

Even though you are at home, you need an iPhone SE 2 case to keep your phone safe. This is especially important when you factor in longer times to get repairs or replacements. We have a listing of our favorite iPhone SE 2 cases so far, which is a great place to start. You can also look at iPhone 8 cases if you need more options.

iPhone SE 2 Screen Protector

This is the best all-around iPhone SE 2 screen protector option.

An iPhone SE 2 screen protector will help you avoid the scratches that annoyed many iPhone 11 owners and they protect your phone screen from cracking if you drop it. It’s a must-have upgrade even when you’re spending most of your time at home.

Fast Charge Battery Pack

The Mophie powerstation, powerstation plus and powerstation plus XL are all great charging options for the iPhone SE 2. The powerstation plus models include wireless charging and a built-in fast-charge lightning cable. You can add loads of power when you are on the go again.

Wireless Charger

The iPhone SE 2 supports wireless charging, and this is a great option.

The iPhone SE 2 supports wireless charging, so you can set your iPhone down on a compatible charger and it will start charging. This is perfect for your desk or overnight charging.

  • Anker Wireless Charger – $11.95

Long Lightning Cable

Invest in a longer lightning cable to charge your iPhone SE.2 when you are on the couch, on the other side of your office or just don’t want to be tethered to your charger.

10 Cool Things the iPhone SE 2 Can Do (2020)

Take Portrait Mode Photos

Take Portrait Mode Photos

One of my favorite features on the iPhone is taking Portrait mode photos. By switching to this option you can blur the background of a picture and make the subject really stand out. It's a simple way to make your pictures really stand out on social media. 

The iPhone SE features a single camera, but it supports Portrait mode with all of the six current Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control to adjust the background blur (bokeh) after you take the shot. This is an awesome feature and even more impressive at the $399 starting price. 

You also get the portrait mode on the front-facing camera for better-looking selfies. This is especially handy if you need to hide the mess in your house with a fancy blur while you're setting up your best isolation selfie. 

You also get all the latest iOS 13 editing controls for your photos and the iPhone SE camera can capture photos with Smart HDR. In short, this is an impressive camera setup on a budget iPhone. 

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