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Best Keyboards for Android (2018)



This guide details the best keyboards for Android, and why you might want to use one. Most people use whatever keyboard is on their phone. However, millions of users also download replacement keyboards. These typically offer better features, more customization, or a faster and better typing experience. With that in mind, we’ll show you which Android keyboards are the best in 2018.

The default app on your Samsung, LG or HTC smartphone probably works fine. That said, tons of alternatives are on the Google Play Store. Swype was popular for years, Swiftkey has amazing text prediction, and others are highly customizable. Our personal favorite is Gboard, from Google.

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So, whether you’re looking for a better typing experience, faster typing, or more customization, we have you covered. Everything from swiping gestures, GIFs, themes, custom background images and more. If you want to text like a pro, try one of the many apps detailed below.

The video above is a quick look at Gboard, which replaced Google Keyboard. It’s our first choice. Keyboards have really improved over the past few years, and Google offers one of the best. Then, Samsung bundles the popular Swiftkey keyboard in all of their flagship smartphones. Although you’d never be able to tell. Not to mention almost every major manufacturer has swipe or gesture-typing and emoji support.

All of the keyboards mentioned below offer more features than your stock keyboard or a better experience. In addition to some level of customization, themes, or are more secure.

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Be sure to use caution when trying keyboards on Google Play, and only install or use one from a trusted developer. Some could potentially log keystrokes and banking information. This warning appears when you change the default keyboard, but it’s worth mentioning. In closing, everything on slideshow is worth using and comes from a trusted developer. These are the best keyboards for Android.

Gboard by Google

Gboard by Google

For years many enjoyed Google Keyboard. Essentially the stock Android keyboard available from Google Play for other devices. However, over the years Google has improved it into what's potentially the best keyboard for Android. 

Gboard was first introduced for iPhone after Apple started to allow third-party keyboards. Then eventually Google released it for Android and replaced their original version. It has everything one will ever need from a touch keyboard. It's completely free, has tons of customization, themes, and most importantly -- the Google Assistant built in. 

As you saw from the video above, there's a little "G" logo above the keyboard. Which allows users to get directions, share directions to a restaurant, do Google searches or send a GIF all from the web. Right inside the keyboard without leaving the app you're already in. It's amazingly helpful once you remember that the option exists. Between the modest theme options, gesture (swiping to text) controls and word prediction, this is the most feature-filled android keyboard. And our #1 recommendation. 

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