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15 Best Official Galaxy Note 9 Accessories



Gear VR With Controller

Gear VR With Controller

While Samsung makes a lot of different accessories for phones, most of them are universal. Meaning you can head to the Samsung Store and find a ton of options. From chargers, spare cables, car chargers and more to fit any phone. 

If you're looking for Note 9 accessories though, that's what you've found in this post. In closing, you'll want to take advantage of the VR capabilities of this big-screen phone. 

Last year Samsung announced a new VR headset model that runs $129 that came out with the Note 8. It fits the bigger screen and works perfectly with the Note 9, has a better display, and comes with a motion controller for an improved virtual reality experience. The wider field of view is the best part, so buy one today. 

Buy it Now for $129

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