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15 Best Official Galaxy Note 9 Accessories



Samsung Dex Pad

Samsung Dex Pad

Last year Samsung announced Dex, which is Desktop Expansion. You can turn the powerful internals of the Galaxy Note 9 into a desktop PC like experience, instead of just a smartphone. 

With 128GB of storage, 8-core processor and 6GB of RAM, it's as powerful as some laptops anyways. Samsung has a powerful Desktop software layer that you can easily access on the Galaxy Note 9 simply by using a USB Type-C to HDMI cord and throwing it up on a TV or monitor. 

However, the Samsung DeX Pad offers a better experience. This charges the phone while you use it, turns the screen into a D-Pad and mouse, not to mention has a slew of ports. Add a keyboard and Bluetooth mouse and now you really have a Desktop-like experience. 

Buy it Now for $85

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