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15 Best Surface Book 2 Accessories



If you own a Surface Book 2, you need the best Surface Book 2 accessories. You won’t get the most out of your powerful Windows 10 2-in-1 without them.

The best Surface Book 2 accessories all extend or protect the device in their own way. Drawing and gaming are great examples of this. The device’s removable display can replace a drawing tablet, but you need a Surface Pen before you can use it that way. The Surface Dial makes changing pen tip sizes and ink colors without diving into menus effortless on a Surface Book 2. Pair the Surface Book 2 15-inch with the Xbox Wireless Controller for an almost Xbox-like gaming experience.

These are the best Surface Book 2 accessories.

You need the best Surface Book 2 accessories to get the most out of your device’s laptop mode too. Surface Book 2 13.5-inch and Surface Book 2 15-inch only come with a free trial of Microsoft Office. You need Office 365 to get access to Word, Excel PowerPoint and OneNote after that trial has expired. The headphone jack on all Surface Book 2 devices is in a terrible place. Buy the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headphones to avoid draping cables over your Surface Book 2’s keyboard. If you don’t like using trackpads, consider buying a Surface Arc Mouse to improve your productivity. They connect through Bluetooth and fold flat for easy storage.

Here are the 15 best Surface Book 2 accessories. Plan on buying a few of them to make your Surface Book 2 13.5-inch or Surface Book 2 15-inch the best PC for working, drawing, video watching and gaming that you’ve ever had.

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15 Best Surface Book 2 Accessories

  1. Surface Pen
  2. Surface Dial
  3. Xbox Wireless Controller
  4. Xbox Game Pass
  5. Surface Dock
  6. DecalGirl Surface Book Skin
  7. Mancro Business Laptop Backpack
  8. Aukey USB Type-C Hub
  9. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Bluetooth Headphones
  10. Surface Arc Mouse
  11. Dash Sleeve for Surface Book
  12. Lenovo Explorer VR Headset
  13. Microsoft Office 365
  14. UAG Surface Book 2 Ice Case
  15. LG Double Layer Disk Drive

Surface Pen - $99.99

Surface Pen - $99.99

Buy a Surface Pen to fully take advantage of your Surface Book 2's drawing features.

The Surface Pen is a digital stylus made of the same aluminum as the Surface Book 2 itself. Different tips included with the pen let you change your drawing experience to suit your project. You erase your mistakes with a rubberized cap that also doubles as a remote for your Surface Book 2. Press the cap twice and you snap a screenshot. Press it three times for access to Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant. Your Surface Book 2 detects which direction your Surface Pen is tilted and 4,096 different levels of pressure as you draw.

Microsoft sells the Surface Pen for $99.99 in silver, black, burgundy, blue and aqua.

Buy the Surface Pen for $99.99 from the Microsoft Store

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