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5 Best Surface Pro 4 Screen Protectors



There are very few Windows PCs in existence today that need screen protection as bad as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The device is of two different worlds. To make it universally useful, internals allow it to fully replace a notebook PC. At the same time, it’s first and foremost a tablet meant to be carried with you everywhere. Finding the best Surface Pro 4 screen protectors is a must. Without them, you could have a very scratched and scuffed Windows 2-in-1.

The Surface Pro 4 arrived on store shelves back in 2015. It’s the evolution of an idea Microsoft has tried to push for a while. The company is convinced that people want to do less with more. It’s staked its reputation on creating devices that are as great at letting you browse the web and stay productive as they are at letting you draw with the Surface Pen, read books in Microsoft Edge and watch videos in the Movies & TV app on its incredible PixelSense display.

The best Surface Pro 4 screen protectors will keep your device’s display safe.

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The best Surface Pro 4 screen protectors allow you to do all that without fear of one day finding your screen damaged. Microsoft wanted to make this device even thinner than the Surface Pro 3. According to Surface head Panos Panay, the company was able to deliver a thinner device by making the entire display assembly thinner. Thinner glass also makes the touch and inking experience feel more realistic. The protective Gorilla Glass measures 0.4mm, according to Gizmodo. The clever piece of engineering worked, but it also means that the glass protecting the Surface Pro 4’s display is thinner than the glass on the Surface Pro 3.

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Why We Need Surface Pro 4 Screen Protectors

You can’t approach outfitting your Surface Pro 4 the same way you would a notebook or a smartphone.

For starters, the Surface Pro 4 has a massive 12.3-inch display, making it somewhat unwieldy to hold when being used as a tablet. If you find yourself dropping a smartphone with a 5-inch display regularly, you can bet you may have trouble making sure you never drop this tablet.

Like your smartphone, the Surface Pro 4’s display is meant to be touched. You tap on elements in Windows 10 to open them. In Tablet Mode, you swipe from the right of your screen to get easy access to notifications and swipe down to close apps. You don’t want a ton of scratches ruining your smooth touch interactions. You don’t want them ruining the Surface Pen experience either. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the tips on the Surface Pen glide across the device’s surface and provide just the right amount of friction.

Which Type of Surface Pro 4 Screen Protectors Should You Buy?

Which type of screen protector is right for you depends on what you care about most. Film screen protectors will stop scrapes and scratches. That being said, they won’t necessary save your device’s display from being cracked it comes in contact with a heavy object. Some are known to cloud displays.

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Glass screen protectors add some weight and thickness. You won’t have to worry about your device getting scratched, though. They can fend off even the sharpest of objects. Some of them are rated for shatters too, meaning they’ll take the brunt of a direct hit and won’t leave you with tons of sharp glass shards.

Here are the best Surface Pro 4 screen protectors you can buy now.

Best Surface Pro 4 Screen Protectors

  1. Incipio Plex Privacy Shield for Surface Pro 4
  2. Tempered Glass Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector from Sparin
  3. Incipio Plex Plus Shield for Surface Pro 4
  4. Zagg HDX Surface Pro 4 Premium Film
  5. Zagg Invisible Shield for Surface Pro 4

Incipio Plex Privacy Shield for Surface Pro 4 - $64.99

Incipio Plex Privacy Shield for Surface Pro 4 - $64.99

The Incipio Plex Privacy Shield is for Surface Pro 4 owners that are of two minds. They want to keep their display scratch free and don't want people looking over their shoulder. It features display protection so that you don’t have to worry about scratches and scrapes. There are cutouts for the Surface Pro 4’s front-facing speakers and the camera sensors that allow the device to be unlocked with just a look.

It has 4-way privacy protection. That is, the filter prevents users from seeing what you’re seeing when they are starting at your Surface Pro 4’s display from an angle. This may seem like a small deal, but it’s key if you plan on using your Surface Pro 4 for sensitive documents. For example, a doctor might purchase this if they frequently find themselves going over patient records on the way to work. Even the person sitting beside you will see a dark screen.

The Incipio Plex Privacy Shield costs $64.99.

[ Buy the Incipio Plex Privacy Shield for Surface Pro 4 for $64.99 ]

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1 Comment

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    08/12/2017 at 3:00 am

    I bought from the gadgetshield they work best for me. Especially I love the back protector and side from them.

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