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10 Best Third Person Shooter Games for Android



10 / 10

Respawnables and Standoff Multiplayer

Respawnables and Standoff Multiplayer

Last but not least we wanted to share two similar yet slightly different third person shooter games. One is the trigger happy and extremely popular Respawnables, even if it's a few years old. This cartoon arcade-style shooter is almost like Team Fortress for Android, in a sense. 

It's a multiplayer third-person shooter that's very fast paced and you just need to try it to fully understand. 

Then, in a similar fashion, we have what's almost Counter-Strike for Android, which is the game Standoff Multiplayer. Be a stealth, a storm trooper or a sniper as terrorists and counter-terrorists fight it out with tons of guns. There is capture the flag and tons of game modes, similar to CS. 

Both of these third person shooter games are extremely fun, and we're still waiting for new versions of each. Standoff 2 looks great but is an FPS game, and Respawnables 2 is a rumor that never went away, and never arrived either. Try both of these games. 

Download Respawnables and Standoff Multiplayer 

Additionally, wait for more exciting games throughout 2018. Fortnite Mobile is coming to Android soon, and on iOS as we speak. Then, tons of impressive VR titles will arrive before the end of the year. For now, play these TPS games and have some fun. 

10 / 10


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