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10 Best Third Person Shooter Games for Android



Space Armor 2

Space Armor 2

Now for a little change-up, we suggest trying Space Armor 2. This game is from a relatively unknown developer team and it's a slightly different take on third person shooters. 

You'll take your advanced suit of armor and battle more than 50 creatures and aliens up in space. One thing that separates this from the others is it is NOT a cover-based third person shooter. A style that most TPS games follow. Instead, you walk around taking advantage of over 20 different weapons, upgrade your armor, and take on six different bosses in deep space. 

If you've tried most third person shooters, this one is relatively unknown and extremely exciting. 

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  1. bruno999

    06/09/2017 at 9:03 pm

    I really need this.

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