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10 Best Third Person Shooter Games for Android



Gameloft's Gangstar Series

Gameloft's Gangstar Series

Gameloft makes some truly stunning games in almost every category. If you've already played all the Grand Theft Auto titles but want to enjoy a similar game, this is it. 

Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is two stunning games that will feel just like GTA, only different. This is the first sandbox style game to take place in Rio de Janeiro, all using a third person approach. There's a lot more than just shooting too. Wander the streets and attack people, fly with jetpacks, steal cars, and take on gangstas and street thugs in Rio. 

There are over 60 missions to complete, hours and hours of entertainment, and when you're done you can try the older Gangstar Vegas that was released a few years ago. This is $6.99

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  1. bruno999

    06/09/2017 at 9:03 pm

    I really need this.

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