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Best Galaxy Note 9 Wireless Charging Pads



Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

The newest and best wireless charging solution is Samsung's all-new Wireless Charger Duo. This big accessory will wireless recharge both your Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch at the same time. Or, it works with other devices of course. 

Basically, this is one device that'll recharge both products. Apple announced something similar but never released the pad. 

What's nice about this (aside from duo charging) is the stand can fold flat for easy storage, or if you don't want the Galaxy Note 9 standing upright during charging. Perfect for sitting next to your bed on the nightstand, or anything else. Both sides feature fast charging, and you'll get everything you need in the box to get up and running. 

Buy it Now for $119 from Samsung

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