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Best Galaxy Note 9 Wireless Charging Pads



Tronsmart Dual Wireless Charger

Tronsmart Dual Wireless Charger

Another option worth considering comes from Tronsmart. This wireless charger isn't like most on our list.

That's because this features two wireless charging coils inside. Meaning you can set the phone down in any position and it will still charge. Whether that's upright in portrait mode, or landscape while you watch a movie or some Netflix.

Most charging pads only have one, so that's a big deal. The two coils makes this one of the best options available. You can use it as a clock, stand, and fast wireless charger. There's a built-in LED for status information, and a fan so it won't get too hot. It's a great alternative to Samsung's charger for half the price. Make sure you buy the 10w stand. 

Buy it Now for $23.99

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