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Best Galaxy Note 9 Wireless Charging Pads



Anker Wireless Charging PowerPort 10 Pad

Anker Wireless Charging PowerPort 10 Pad

Next up is the Anker PowerPort 10 Fast Wireless Charging Pad. It's small, lightweight, affordable, and offers fast charging speeds.

If Samsung's option is too expensive, consider this. Anker is a brand we know, use, and highly trust. They make some of the best chargers and battery packs on the market.

This features 10w fast wireless charging for the Galaxy Note 9, comes with an included 3ft cable, and has small LED notification lights so you know it's charging. That way you know if the phone is laying on the pad right or not. These LED's also show when the phone is at 100%. Give it a try today. 

Buy it Now for $21.99 on Amazon

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