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16 Best Xbox One Accessories in 2018



Hauppauge TV Tuner for Xbox One - $50.99

Hauppauge TV Tuner for Xbox One - $50.99

Watch and record live TV on your Xbox One with the Hauppauge TV Tuner for Xbox One.

The Hauppauge USB TV Tuner connects to an antenna and a USB port on the back of your console, pulling down every digital channel that your antenna is strong enough to get. This way, you can watch and pause your favorite broadcast television shows without a separate box. Switching channels is as easy as saying, “Xbox, watch PBS.” Whether you use a controller or a voice command, you can flip from gaming to watching TV in just seconds. 

The Hauppauge TV Tuner with HD Antenna costs $50.99 at Amazon.

Buy the Hauppauge TV Tuner With HD Antenna from Amazon for $50.99 

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