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16 Best Xbox One Accessories in 2018



Xbox One Design Lab Controller - $79.99

Xbox One Design Lab Controller - $79.99

The Xbox One Design Lab takes custom controllers to a new level.

Using the service's online creation tool, anyone can create an Xbox One Wireless Controller with their Gamertag and 4 million different color combinations. You decide which parts of the controller match your personal color scheme. A recent update to the site even lets you add a little gloss to your controller's D-Pad. 

And Design Lab Controllers don't just have good looks. They also have improved internals. Each gets better reception than the controllers they replaced and offer Bluetooth connectivity. Because of Bluetooth, gamers can play games on their Windows PC without buying an Xbox Wireless Adapter.

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Xbox One Design Lab Controllers start at $79.99.

Make an Xbox Design Lab Controller for $79.99

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