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16 Best Xbox One Accessories in 2018



Xbox One Elite Controller - $149.99

Xbox One Elite Controller - $149.99

Featuring rear-mounted paddles and a switch for changing profiles, the Xbox One Elite Controller is the best Xbox One controller there is.

This controller is made of tougher materials the console's standard controller and is all ready for customization. Companion apps for Windows 10 and Xbox One allow you to map the paddles on the back of the Xbox Elite Controller to replace the buttons on the controller's face. The directional pad and two joysticks have interchangeable surfaces, with extras included in the box. You choose what controller surface is right for you.

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller costs $149.99. Besides the controller, you get a carry case and a 10-foot USB cable to charge the accessory.

 Buy the Xbox One Elite Controller from the Microsoft Store for $149.99 

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