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Car vs Cops App: 5 Things To Know



One of the hottest new games on iPhone and Android is Car vs Cops. This is a free app from KetchApp where you need to elude the police and destroy their cars while collecting coins and avoiding damage to your car. Car vs Cops is free to play, but you can spend real money on the game through in-app purchases.

This is what parents need to know about Car vs Cops and what players need to know about the free game on iPhone and Android.

What is Car vs Cops?

Car vs Cops is a free to play iPhone and Android game where you can control the car with one or two fingers, while you avoid police. It is a very cartoony game so while you are evading the police it is not graphically violent. Check out the Car vs Cops gameplay below to see it in action.

While the game is free, you will see a lot of ads in the game, unless you buy an in-app purchase that removes all ads from the games. The longer you play, the tougher the game is as more cops come after you and you take more damage.

Download Cars vs Cops on iPhone and Android for free.

How to Play Car vs Cops

There are two control options for Car vs Cops, but that’s about the extent of customization. You can steer with one finger or you can steer with two fingers. The one finger option leads the car where your finger goes. the two finger option turns the car toward the side of the screen that the finger is tapping or holding.

As you are hit, your health will drop. Three hearts at the top of the screen indicate your health and you can get one extra heart by watching ad ad after you die.

How to play Cars vs Cops.

How to play Cars vs Cops.

You cannot stop and you can only go faster when you perform a combo that gives you a speed boost. You need to drive to get the cop cars to hit each other and avoid hitting you. Stay close to cop cars to earn combos.

Before each game you will see a challenge that you need to complete to score extra points. Collect the purple coins to buy new cars.

Is Car vs Cops Safe For Kids?

The Car vs Cops app is 4+ on iTunes and E for Everyone on Google Play. The game shows no real violence other than crashing pixelated cars into each other and you are rewarded for escaping. Some parents may not like the premise of making cop cars crash into each other, but that is the only thing close to violence in the game.

There are a lot of ads, but so far all of them are appropriate to the age group. The app does not push users to spend real world money even though there are in app purchases. The new cars are unlocked with more ads or with in game coins you collect.

Car vs Cops In App Purchases

The Car vs Cops game is free to download and free to play. You will see a lot of ads while you play, but it’s not as bad as in some games. With Car vs Cops you can play for a few rounds without seeing an ad. The game asks you to watch longer ads for extra lives and to unlock cars cheaper.

If you want to get rid of the ads, you can buy the full game for $2.99 which will remove ads. You may still want to watch ads to get an extra life, but this means you won’t see an ad when you start the game or in between turns.

How to Get Free Car vs Cops Cars

Get free Cars vs Cops cars.

Get free Cars vs Cops cars.

There are a few car upgrades you can get for free as soon as you start playing the game. Tap on the car icon on the home screen and then slide over to the right. You can unlock several cars by visiting Ketchapp on Facebook and Instagram. YOu just need to view the page, you don’t need to connect your account or even tap on like or follow.

This lets you get a Moving Truck and a hatchback style sports car. You can unlock other cars for 200 coins, or for 20 coins plus watching an ad in the app. You further unlock other cars when you watch more ads in the game. It’s a very ad focused game. Anytime you watch an ad for a car or extra life you cannot skip it and it lasts at least 10 seconds.

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