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Early Battlefield Hardline Release Details



The Battlefield Hardline release date is set for March 17th, but millions of gamers can play the game before then thanks to EA Access which is offering an early Battlefield Hardline release.

Battlefield Hardline is a new Battlefield game that delivers cops vs robbers action with explosive weapons and after a delay to address issues with the early beta it seems to be shaping up into one of the first potential hits of 2015.

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Although Battlefield Hardline is coming to Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC only a select number of gamers will be able to play the full game before the release. This is not just another Battlefield Hardline beta, but the full game four days ahead of the official release.

BattleField Hardline PS4

Get ready for an early Battlefield Hardline release date.

The early Battlefield Hardline release date comes on Friday March 13th only for Xbox One. This is part of the EA Access program that is $5 a month or $29.99 a year. The service is only available on the Xbox One, as Sony passed on a PS4 EA Access option in favor of PS Now.

Battlefield confirmed the Battlefield Hardline early access through the program on January 19th. Although the company did not share details, here is how this typically works.

At around 9-10 AM Pacific you will be able to download the full Battlefield Hardline game from the Xbox One store if you signed up for EA Access. This is the same game that is on discs and that other users can pre-load. After the download completes you will be able to play for up four hours. This is not a lot of time, but the progress will carry over to the full release that takes place the next week. This allows you to get a jump on progressions and learning maps and the overall game system.

You can pop a disk in when you get it or buy the game on Xbox digitally at a 10% discount. No matter where you buy it you will not need to re-install the game to play and you won’t need to start over.

Everyone else will need to wait for the Battlefield Hardline release date on March 17th. All Battlefield Hardline pre-orders include an upgraded assault rifle, camo skin for weapons and a teamplay boost as well as three gold Battlepacks that will arrive over three weeks after the release.

There is a single player component of Battlefield Hardline that includes sloppy story telling and convenient circumstances in the trailer, but the multiplayer experience is the big draw for Battlefield. Hopefully with the multiple betas and early access to the game will prevent the typically poor first month that hit big connected games in late 2014.

The Battlefield Hardline beta starts soon on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 including a special opportunity to unlock a Heist mode if enough people play Battlefield 4 this weekend. We are still waiting on the official Battlefield Hardline beta release date details, but the good news is that it is open to every platform that the game is coming to.

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