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Everthing We Expect Apple Will Announce in 2018



Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4

Apple has settled into an annual upgrade cycle for the Apple Watch and we expect to see the Apple Watch 4 in 2018. 

The Apple Watch 3 added LTE and delivers better performance overall, but it looks much like the Apple Watch that Apple announced years ago. The Apple Watch 4 could deliver a new look. While rumors are sparse, we heard about a potential redesign for the Apple Watch 3, and the current model is getting to the point where it would make sense for Apple to make some changes. 

If Apple switches display type we could see a thinner and lighter Apple Watch 4 arrive. Apple is reportedly testing an EKG style feature, though there is already a third party band for the Apple Watch that can do this. Apple holds many patents and is testing sensor laden bands that could help monitor many health stats, but it's unclear if they will make it into an Apple Watch 4. 

Expect to see watchOS 5 alongside this with new features for an Apple Watch 4 as well as upgrades for existing models. 

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