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Fallout TV Show Gets a Release Date



Bethesda’s Fallout 5 is years away, but fans of the games will be able to satiate their fix with Amazon’s new Fallout TV show which premieres in early 2024.

Amazon Prime Video has announced that Fallout is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on April 12th. The announcement falling on October 23rd is no accident because today is recognized as “Fallout Day” amongst fans of the series.

The Fallout series is set amongst the backdrop of “The Great War” which, in-game, kicked off on October 23rd, 2077. The television show will start in the year 2077.

The Fallout series has been developed for Amazon Prime Video by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. Nolan, the brother of director Christopher Nolan, is known for being the co-creator of the HBO series Westworld. Joy is also a co-creator of the series.

The series was originally announced back in 2020 and it has an ensemble cast including Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, Kyle MacLachlan. Goggins will star as a Ghoul, a human that survived radiation from the planet’s nuclear holocaust.

The Fallout video game series was made popular by Bethesda, the company responsible for games like Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, the Elder Scrolls series, and more recently, space RPG Starfield.

And while a Fallout TV show is on the horizon, the next Fallout video game is many years away.

Fallout 5 is the next Fallout game in the series, but Bethesda says the game will arrive after the next game in the Elder Scrolls series, Elder Scrolls 6.

Elder Scrolls 6 could be revealed in 2025, 2028, or somewhere in between. As for Fallout 5, we’ll be lucky if we get an announcement this decade.

24 Starfield Mods We Want for Xbox

Enhanced Player Heath Bar

Enhanced Player Heath Bar

Let's start with a Starfield mod that's extremely basic, but has a huge impact on gameplay.

Enhanced Player Heath Bar is a popular Starfield mod for PC that simply changes the player's health bar color when health reaches 75%, 50% and 25%.

At 75% health your player's health bar will change to yellow. At 50%, it changes to orange. And if you're at 25% and close to dying, it will of course change to red. 

It's simple, but it's extremely nice at a glance, especially when you're in a particularly tough fight with Terrormorphs or a group of mercs. 

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