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Galaxy Note 9 Pie Update: 7 Reasons to Get Excited & 3 Not To



Big Updates Always Bring Big Problems

Big Updates Always Bring Big Problems

Samsung's Android Pie update will fix Galaxy Note 9 issues, but it will likely bring many problems of its own. 

The Galaxy Note 9 beta will help the company catch the most glaring issues, but we expect to see issues slip through the cracks into the final release. 

Huge upgrades like Android Pie often bring major, unintended problems and some Galaxy Note 9 users will likely see a negative effect once Android 9.0 is up and running. 

On top of that, Samsung almost always has to halt its roll outs due to major issues and we won't be surprised if something like that happens with Android Pie. 

Make sure to dig into early feedback before you rush and install the first version of Android Pie on your Note 9. 

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