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Samsung Galaxy S7: 3 Reasons to Buy & 4 Reasons to Wait



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Hold Off Until You've Prepared

Hold Off Until You've Prepared

If you're gearing up to buy, make sure you've spent some time researching and doing your homework. Here are a few recommendations for prospective Galaxy S7 buyers. 

Make sure you look into your upgrade to ensure that it's available. You can check your upgrade status through your carrier's website.

If you aren't tied down to a specific carrier be sure you research carrier coverage around your home and the places you frequent the most. 

We also recommend digging into carrier pricing and data plans. If you haven't upgraded your phone in awhile, they've probably changed.

Research the best Galaxy S7 alternatives, gather feedback from current Galaxy S7 owners, and find the best carrier and data plan for you and your needs. 

Don't buy a Galaxy S7, or any other phone, until you're ready.

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