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Galaxy Tab Oreo Update: 7 Reasons to Get Excited & 3 Not To



The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Oreo update isn’t rolling out yet, but we expect it to start rolling out to select models in the near future.

Samsung’s Android Oreo roll out is starting out with the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note 8, and the Galaxy A series, but we expect it to expand to other devices soon.

Samsung still hasn’t released a full list of Android Oreo upgrades, but we’ve pieced together its plans using leaks, information from carriers and credible rumors. Android Oreo is headed to popular phones like the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge and it’ll also come to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line of tablets.

T-Mobile’s confirmed an Oreo update for the Galaxy Tab E 8 and Samsung Turkey and Samsung Canada have confirmed additional Galaxy Tab Oreo updates including one for the Galaxy Tab S3.

Samsung’s Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy Tab still hasn’t leaked out which means we’re in the dark when it comes to the features, fixes, enhancements, and patches on board. That said, we can draw some logical conclusions based on the company’s Oreo updates for the Galaxy S8/Galaxy Note 8/Galaxy A series and Samsung’s standard Android release protocol.

The Galaxy Tab Android Oreo update is going to be a big one and today we want to take you through some of the features you can start looking forward to. We also want to take you through some potential disappointments.

This guide will help you set proper expectations as we push toward the first Galaxy Tab Android Oreo release.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

There's a very good chance your Galaxy Tab Oreo update will cure whatever's ailing your tablet.

Loads of Galaxy Tab users are dealing with Android Nougat problems. These issues range from odd battery drain to problems with Bluetooth connectivity to smaller bugs and general annoyances. 

Major Android updates like Android Oreo typically come with bug fixes for lingering issues. Some of these come from Google, some come from the manufacturer (which in this case is Samsung), and some come from the device's carrier, if there is one. 

There's also a chance Android Oreo will improve your tablet's performance. Many Galaxy S8 users are seeing performance boosts in key areas after upgrading to the new operating system.

Potential improvements include better battery life, more reliable connectivity and GPS, faster user interface, and less frequent lockups and freezes. 

If you're struggling on Android Nougat, there's reason to get excited for Android Oreo. It could have a significant impact on your Galaxy Tab's performance. 

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