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GBoard: 7 Things to Know About the Google iPhone Keyboard



Gboard is a new iPhone keyboard that makes using emoji faster, sharing gifs a snap and makes searching Google from anywhere just a few taps away.

The new Google iPhone keyboard app is more than a one trick pony. It solves one of the most annoying things about using iPhone emoji — finding the right one, but that is not all.

With the Gboard installed on your iPhone you can quickly search Google and then paste the results into a message or email. We also share what you need to know about Gboard for Android.

It is easy to use the Google iPhone keyboard, but there are a few things you should know about it to get the most out of this iPhone only keyboard.

What is Gboard?

Gboard is an iPhone keyboard that includes the option to write normal messages by tapping, slide your finger across keys to type and to quickly search Google.

You can see what is trending, you can quickly search iPhone emoji and you can quickly search gifs.

Download the Gboard iPhone keyboard from the iPhone app store now.

When you find a gif you want to send you can copy and paste it into a hangout, iMessage, email or almost any other chat program.

How to Install the Google iPhone Keyboard

How to Install the Gboard.

How to Install the Gboard.

The first thing you need to do is download the Google iPhone keyboard from the app store. It is called the Gboard, and it s a free download.

After you download it you can open the app, but you will need to turn on the keyboard in settings to actually use it.

  1. In the app tap Get Started, or go to Settings -> General -> Keyboards.
  2. Tap on Add New Keyboard.
  3. Tap Gboard.
  4. Tap on Gboard on the main screen.
  5. Tap to Turn on Allow Full Access

You will see a warning that this allows the keyboard to see everything you type, but that is an option you need to turn on to use this.

Does This Share My Passwords, Credit Cards and More with Google?

Allow full access to let Google searches work.

Allow full access to let Google searches work.

When you turn on Full Access for any iPhone keyboard you will see a warning that this can include your credit card number, email, street address and anything you type. It is a scary warning to see, but it is an option that must be on for the keyboard to work.

Google notes in the app that, “This lets you use Google Search in your keyboard. Your searches are sent to Google, but nothing else you type is.”

We see similar statements and requirements from other iPhone keyboard apps. This is not generally a major concern for most users, especially since Google outlines the use.

How to use the Gboard iPhone Keyboard

You need to switch to the Gboard keyboard to use it. You can tap the globe over and over to switch keyboards, but it is easier to tap and hold on the globe. This pops up a small message that allows you to see the keyboards you have installed.

Tap on Gboard to switch to it, and start typing with the Google iPhone keyboard. This will stick as your main keyboard most of the time, but occasionally you will need to switch it back.

You can tap on a letter to type a message, or you can swipe to type a message in a text box. As you type, you can even type the name of an emoji and see it show up in auto suggest.

Search for places, topics, gifs, emojis and more.

Search for places, topics, gifs, emojis and more.

To use the advanced features, tap on the Google icon in the upper left. This will allow you to type a search. By default this will search Google, but you can tap on Emoji or Gif at the bottom to switch the type of search.

Tap on a result to paste the text into the text box. This will then copy the search card, which you can paste as an image as well. You can use this to send restaurants, search results and much more.

Tap on Gif in the search results to search for the gif that corresponds with the word or words you typed.

You can tap on the smilie face to access emoji. From here you can tap and scroll through emoji, or you can use the search option to find the emoji you want. You can also search for gifs from here.

How to Curse With Gboard

By default the Google iPhone keyboard is set to prevent offensive language. This is so you don’t accidentally type something that you didn’t mean to.

However it can get in the way of conversations if you use curse words in your daily messages. You can turn this off so that you stop sending shot to your ducking friends.

Open the Gboard app, tap on Keyboard Settings, Turn off Block offensive words.

That’s all you need to do. You can edit other settings if you need to.

Change these Gboard settings.

Change these Gboard settings.

Turn Gboard Location On

We recommend turning location on so that Google can know where you are and serve up relevant information

Open the Gboard app, tap on Search Settings and then on Turn on location access in Settings. This will prompt an option to pop up that allows you to share your iPhone location while performing searches.

You can also turn on an option to search contacts, but this was not as useful as local search for all users.

Gboard Android Release

Right now there is no known Gboard Android release date, but the team behind this is working to bring the same features to Android. In a post on ProductHunt, Bri Connelly shares that the team is, “Working on the best way to bring the same functionality to Android right now!”


Google already offers fast access to Google on Android devices. Maybe we will see something like this built-in to Android update or a standalone keyboard in the near future.

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