GTA 6 Release: What We Think We Know

Moderately successful video games come out every year, many of them sequels to franchises that we’ve already enjoyed for half a decade or more. Collectively, we complain about these games the moment that they are announced, months before we head out to retail stores and buy them anyway. Developer Rockstar Games stunned the world when it launched GTA 5. Years after GTA 5 for Xbox One and PS4 arrived, there are rumors of a GTA 6 release.

Grand Theft Auto 5 let players assume the role of three protagonists with very, very different attitudes and skills. Michael was a bank robber turned disappointed father and husband. He anchored the group. Trevor was brilliant, brutal and insane; like a mix of everything that might go wrong with a single person. Finally there was Franklin, a guy handling car repossessions, who had his heart set on doing something bigger. GTA 5 sent players across an entire state, in a game world that was bigger than any franchise title that came before it. The size and breadth of that world is just one of the reasons people are excited for a possible GTA 6 release.


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Here’s what we think we know about thus rumored GTA 6 release.

GTA 6 Release: What the Rumors Say

So what do the rumors say about a GTA 6 release? Mainly, they focus on two important things. First, a potential GTA 6 release window. Second, a location for the game. We’ll start with the release window since it’s the most unwieldy thing to nail down.

GTA 5 launched just as the current generation of video game consoles were making their way to store shelves, September 2013. Everyone should have had their minds focused on the Xbox One and PS4, but they didn’t. Despite not being available on newer consoles, GTA 5 went on to sell millions. The reason for the success, some said, was its unorthodox single player campaign and upgraded graphics. Rockstar Games had story-related downloadable content on the way, allegedly.

Code from a pirated GTA 5 game, allegedly shows a GTA 5 on PS4 reference.

That content never materialized. That’s because the main reason for buying the game quickly went from experiencing the narrative in the game’s Story Mode to Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA Online takes place in the same world that the single player does, but players are free to wreak havoc with their own custom player, profit from pulling off jobs and missions, then buy whatever they want. Rockstar makes money on those that play GTA Online but don’t have time to commit to earning cash. Allegedly, it’s GTA Online that’s to blame for us not getting a GTA 6 release sometime in the next two years.

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We know that there’s a GTA 6 release coming because Rockstar confirmed the game’s development in 2015. Speaking to Develop, Rockstar North head Leslie Benzies confirmed that GTA 6 is in development already. “We’ve got about 45 years of ideas we want to do. We don’t know what GTA VI will be, but we’ve got some ideas.” Benzies says in the interview. With that, he verbally confirms what many have suspected all along, that Rockstar Games is already working on a GTA 6 release.

In GTA 5, rich players have an iPhone.

According to the piece, Rockstar took roughly five years to build GTA 5. With us mid-way through 2016, that’s got folks talking about at least a GTA 6 reveal in the not too distant future with a GTA 6 release by 2018. For its part, Rockstar has yet to do anything besides confirm that it’s working on a follow-up of the game.

Possible GTA 6 Locations

As for what city the game will be set in, there’s a lot to grapple with. GTA 5 wasn’t a single city, but an entire state with different one major city and tons of small towns within that city. Location is incredibly important in the franchise. Each game’s atmosphere and tone oozes from its location. GTA Vice City’s big appeal was that players felt like they were in 1980s Miami pulling off crimes.

See a beautiful car in GTA Online and take it, but watch out for someone eyeing you too.

Nothing concrete has surfaced about the GTA 6 location, but there’s plenty of unsubstantiated speculation around. In the same piece at Develop, Leslie Benzies mentions how the studio would like to stitch together the different cities that have already been created for the series into a single map that players can travel around. A recreation of New York City is hinted at in some reports about the game, which would be a throwback to Liberty City. Liberty City was a variation on New York City made for that game. There’s even talk of the franchise finally expanding outside of its American-centric roots. Allegedly, London, United Kingdom was under consideration. Rockstar’s Dan Houser called that idea into question in an interview with IGN.

GTA 6 Release: What We Don’t Know

  • Despite what reports have said, there hasn’t been a definitive GTA 6 release date announced by Rockstar.
  • We don’t know whether GTA 6 will continue with multiple protagonists or once again focus on just one.
  • While we’re certain Rockstar has already chosen a city, we don’t know which yet. That’ll likely be the first thing the developer reveals when it formally announces the game.
  • It’s success in GTA 5 has possibly ensured that GTA 6 will get an upgraded GTA Online. Whether there’ll be significant changes isn’t yet clear.

Gotta Be Mobile will have more on the GTA 6 release as more information becomes available.

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