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11 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Facts and Features You Need to Know



Fortresses, Inns & More

Fortresses, Inns & More

When you walk around you will see places in your city turned into crazy in game locations like an inn or a Fortress. These locations allow you to find higher concentrations of Foundables and maybe even ba portal to a magical part of the Harry Potter universe. 

A Fortress is a place where you can meet up with five other players to take on enemies in the game. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite calls these Wizarding Challenges. 

There are different floors for each of the Fortresses and you will find better loot the higher you go. You need a Fortress Runestone to access them, which you can earn through Foundables. 

Each player in your team will take on one enemy and you each need to beat the enemy in a time limit. 

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