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11 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Facts and Features You Need to Know



Pick a Profession

Pick a Profession

When you start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you will need to pick a profession. There are three to choose from and each has strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Auror - Aurors are combat veterans who defeat Foes by combining their innate leadership with a litany of debilitating spells. Aurors are most effective against Dark Forces. - Best for aggressive players looking to deal damage.
  • Magizoologists - Trained in the care and preservation of magical creatures, in combat Magizoologists focus on healing and helping their Teammates. - Best for players who want great healing abilities.
  • Professors - Professors are highly adept spellcasters who use their deep magical knowledge to debilitate Foes while also supporting their Teammates. - Best for players that plan to cast a lot of spells

While you can switch professions, the upgrades you've made will not transfer to your new profession. We are waiting to find out for sure, but it looks like you will get the progress back if you switch back. 

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