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Daily Assignments and Treasures

Daily Assignments and Treasures

Once you reach level 2, you will get a list of assignments that you can accept and take on. You need to tap on the Assignments button and accept them. 

Daily Tasks - You may need to collect food at an inn, brew a potion or walk a select distance. You must complete these each day and then you will get gold to spend at DIagon Alley. 

Daily Treasures - When you log in each day you get a treasure that can be a Scroll, Dark Detector or mystery item. The treasure streak resets at the beginning of the month and as you login each day the value of the rewards grows. If you don't log in your streak isn't reset, but you can't get the highest rewards at the end of the month. 

There are also special assignments tied to special events, achievements to go after and SOS Investigation assignments.

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