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11 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Facts and Features You Need to Know



In Game Purchases Confirmed

In Game Purchases Confirmed

There are in game purchases in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that you can buy to help level up faster. 

These range from $1.69 to $169 and focus on gold and and Anti Calamity bundles. 

  • Handful of Gold – $1.69
  • Pocketful of Gold – $8.99
  • Handful of Gold – $1.69
  • Pile of Gold – $16.99
  • Trunk of Gold – $34.99
  • Chest of Gold – $89.99
  • Vault of Gold – $169.99
  • Anti-Calamity Bundle – $8.99
  • Advanced Anti-Calamity Bundle – $34.99

You can play the game without spending money, but for users looking to fast track things it is an option. 

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