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11 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Facts and Features You Need to Know



Portmanteaus & Portkeys

Portmanteaus & Portkeys

You'll find Portkey Portmanteaus throughout the world. You can unlock these trunks to open up a Portkey that will transport you to magical places that you likely recognize from the books and movies. 

There are three levels of Portmanteaus and you unlock them by walking different distances. The higher the walking distance, the more rare the reward is. 

Once you find one, you will need to walk 2, 5 or 10 KM to unlock and get the key. You need the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app open to count the distance. 

You get a gold infinite use key, but silver keys are used once and then gone. You get more by leveling up, returning Foundables or buying them in Diagon Alley. 

In a Portkey you can find Wrackspurts that deliver Wizarding XP, Registry family XP, or potion ingredients rewards. You can only enter a Portkey once. If you don't find the five Wrackspurts and leave, you can't go back to try again. 

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