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How to Livestream Twitch on Xbox One



Playing video games just keeps becoming more social. In the last two decades, online multiplayer gaming has become the norm. Almost everyone has captured video or taken a screenshot of in-game footage to share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Xbox Live. Though these features have certainly given socializing over games a boost, nothing has topped the impact that video streaming has had on gaming. Every night thousands sit down to watch other people explore worlds and share tips. Xbox One owners can do more than watch PC and PS4 owners share video game footage. They can livestream Twitch on Xbox One themselves.

To livestream Twitch on Xbox One, you don’t need much at all. The Xbox One and Xbox One S have the hardware they need inside. Streaming isn’t a function locked behind an Xbox Live Gold subscription either, meaning you don’t have to pay more to get access to the feature. Really, all you need to get your Twitch livestream started is a compelling video game that someone might want to watch you play and some personality.

Here's how to livestream Twitch on Xbox One.

Here’s how to livestream Twitch on Xbox One.

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Here’s how to livestream Twitch on Xbox One and share video footage of your triumphs, battles and wins with everyone on Xbox Live and beyond.

How Does Twitch Work on Xbox One?

Before you can livestream Twitch on Xbox One, there are some things that you’ll need. The most obvious of those things is an Xbox controller that offers a wired connection or is fully charged. The last thing that you want is for your controller to die during a livestream.

You’ll also want an Xbox Live account and internet access. To be clear, Xbox Live accounts are free. If you’re playing multiplayer or buying digital games through Xbox Live, you already have one. The third thing you’ll need is a Twitch account. Those are free too.

Only livestream Twitch on Xbox One if your console is connected to a home network over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Don’t attempt to livestream Twitch on Xbox One if you have your console connected to a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that you purchased from a mobile carrier. Stay away from the feature if you have your console sharing an internet connection from your smartphone too. It’s a very bad idea to livestream with these because your wireless carrier limits the amount of data you can consume within a month. You don’t want your livestream depleting an entire month of data in a few hours.

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How to Livestream Twitch on Xbox One: Linking a Twitch Account

If you don’t have a Twitch Account, be sure to sign up for one on the Twitch website here. Again, Twitch accounts are completely free, though users can upgrade to Twitch Prime and avoid the services advertisements.

Take this time to go ahead and download the Twitch app to your Xbox One console. You can find it in the console’s Xbox Store listed in the Apps section.

Open the Twitch app and select Log in.

Now you need to use your PC to link your existing Twitch account with your Xbox Live account. To do this you simply sign in on your PC at

Provide your username and password.

Now enter the code that your device has on its Twitch app.

Now the Twitch app on your Xbox One should match the username of the account on you PC.

How to Livestream Twitch on Xbox One: Starting and Managing Your Livestream

To livestream Twitch on Xbox One, you’ll need to open a game. That’s because you can’t share Twitch footage from your Xbox One’s apps or the home area.

There are two ways to start a stream. The most straightforward way is to open a video game, then open the Twitch app and select “broadcast” from the menu. The Twitch app will lock to the right side of your screen so that you can name your broadcast. You can also decide whether you want to include video of yourself with the stream or audio.

To include video and audio you’ll need an Xbox Kinect sensor. You can use a set of headphones with a microphone plugged into your controller for just audio.  In fact, if you have a Kinect, starting a livestream on Twitch is as simple as saying, “Xbox Broadcast.”

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How to Livestream Twitch on Xbox One: Tips

  • You can ditch the pane on the side of your screen anytime while broadcasting by selecting the Unsnap button at the bottom of the window.
  • Keep an eye on the broadcast pane so that you know how your stream is performing. You’ll know the moment your internet connection is slowing down your stream.
  • Microsoft lets you see community messages through the Xbox One app but don’t attempt to keep up with them there. Instead, keep a PC or a phone with the same account logged in nearby. If you do want to send messages in your chat while broadcasting, invest in the Xbox One ChatPad. The $29.99 accessory also comes with a headset.
  • Be sure to browse and explore your account settings to turn on things like archiving so that people who miss you livestream Twitch on Xbox One can watch your sessions later.
  • Keep in mind that friends on Xbox Live might get a notification the moment you start to livestream Twitch on Xbox One. That should boost your number of viewers.

Good luck trying to livestream Twitch on Xbox One.

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