How to Sign Up For the iOS 12 Public Beta

To download the iOS 12 public beta later this month you need to sign up for the iOS beta program which is part of the bigger Apple Beta Software Program. This lets you try the new iOS 12 features well ahead of the public release iOS 12 release date this fall.

If you don’t want to wait, you can install the iOS 12 beta right now, but that is the developer beta and it isn’t always as stable as the public one.

Before you take the jump, you can read our reasons you should and shouldn’t install the iOS 12 beta.

When Will the iOS 12 Public Beta Start?

Apple announced a public iOS 12 beta program on stage at WWDC on June 4th, but they did not specify a specific date. You can still sign up for beta today, but you can’t install it yet.

The public iOS 12 beta release date is in June. Apple confirmed this on stage.

You should expect to see it during the last two weeks of June, It’s more likely that it will arrive in the last week of the month after several developer betas.

How to Sign Up for the iOS 12 Public Beta

How to sign up for the iOS 12 public beta.
How to sign up for the iOS 12 public beta.

You can skip this and download the developer beta without signing up as a developer, but you should consider the public beta if you aren’t a fan of problems. The public iOS beta is typically a less buggy experience than the developer one. If you’ve already signed up for an iOS 11 beta, you still need to sign in, and confirm you want to do the iOS 12 beta.

  1. Go to the Apple Beta Program website
  2. Click the Sign-Up Button.
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  4. Read and agree to the iOS 12 Beta Agreement.

That’s all there is too it. You are now part of the iOS Beta Program. There is not typically a waiting list or a delay to joining.

When available you will be able to download the iOS 12 public beta profile to your phone and install the beta.

How to Install the iOS 12 Public Beta

How to install the iOS 12 public beta when it is available.
How to install the iOS 12 public beta when it is available.

The public iOS 12 beta is not out yet, but when it is, you can use these directions to install it on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Click on the iOS tab.
  • Click on enroll your iOS device.
  • Backup your iPhone or iPad and take these steps.
  • Go to on your iPhone.
  • Install the iOS 12 Beta Profile.
  • Check for a new iOS update on your iPhone.
  • Install the iOS 12 public beta as you would any other update.

You can check out the new iOS 12 features below to see what you get if you sign up for the beta. This can help you decide if the iOS 12 beta is worth trying, or if you just want to wait for the fall.

iOS 12 vs iOS 11: 14 Exciting iOS 12 Features

Better iPhone Performance

Better iPhone Performance

Apple focuses on major performance improvements for iOS 12. This is especially important since the iOS 12 update is coming to all iPhones and iPads that ran iOS 11. 

Everyone will see performance improvements on the iPhone and iPad but Apple focused n on just how much faster this will make the oldest device running iOS 12. The iPhone 5s will open apps 40% faster, swipe to the camera from the lock screen 70% faster, show the keyboard faster and in general deliver better performance overall. 

On newer devices you will see big performance improvements including seeing the sharing options 2x faster than iOS 11 and apps launching twice as fast under load. 

Across all of the models, when the iPhone detects usage, the iPhone will scale up processor power to full speed as soon as it can, instead of gradually. This will deliver better overall performance anytime you use your iPhone. 

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