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How to Uninstall Apps on the Galaxy S8



Whether you have too many apps or an app is killing your battery life, this guide shows you how to uninstall apps on the Galaxy S8. Smartphones are often confusing for some, and complicated, especially if you’re new to smartphones. If so, our quick hands-on video below is for you.

This might be your first Samsung Galaxy smartphone, or your first smartphone ever. If that’s the case, simple tasks like uninstalling apps aren’t very straightforward. With that in mind, we’re here to help you figure out your phone and do this with ease.

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The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ come with a lot of apps pre-installed out of the box. However, over the course of months and years of owning one, most users download a lot more. If you’re running out of space, your phone is running slow or acting funny, or just want to clean things up, you’ll want to start by uninstalling a few apps.

This is a guide for beginners. If you’re new to Android or smartphones and want to delete apps from the Galaxy S8, there are a few ways to do it. Check out the video above for some quick help, or follow our step-by-step instructions below.

How to Uninstall Apps on the Galaxy S8

Before we begin it’s worth noting that you can only uninstall apps you download from the Google Play Store. You cannot delete most of the apps that come pre-installed on your phone. However, you can disable those apps by following this guide. To delete apps, continue reading.


  • Press and hold the icon of the app you want to uninstall
  • You can do this on the homescreenor in the application tray
  • Select Uninstall from the popup
  • Tap OK to confirm and Uninstall the app

Additionally, you can open the Google Play Store and search or find any app, then hit the big green Uninstall button on the app store. And finally, you can also head to Settings > Apps > Select an app > and tap Uninstall if you’d like a bigger list of apps that are easier to see and read. Go back to the list, scroll down, and tap on any other app and select uninstall to get rid of it.

Again, you can’t delete anything that came pre-installed on your phone. You’ll only see a disable option, or uninstall updates, but sadly you can’t actually delete these apps.

That’s it, now you know how to uninstall apps on your Samsung Galaxy S8. It wasn’t too bad, right? Before you go, take a peek at these 10 neat things the Galaxy S8 can do, and here’s how to turn off that annoying Edge screen too. Good luck, and drop us a comment below with any questions or concerns.

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